10 Dependent Clause Examples Sentences

10 Dependent Clause Examples! Dependent clauses are often overlooked but can be extremely important in your writing. In fact, it’s impossible to create a complete sentence without a dependent clause! Dependent clauses add nuance to your writing and can make it more nuanced and interesting. Here is an introduction to dependent clauses with 10 examples of how they are used in sentences so that you know when and how to use them effectively!


A clause is a group of words that contains both a subject and a predicate. Clauses are used to form sentences. The most common types of clauses are independent clauses, which can stand alone as complete sentences; and dependent clauses, which cannot stand alone as complete sentences.

Dependent Clause

A dependent clause is a clause that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence; it is missing a subject or a predicate. Dependent clauses are often introduced by subordinating conjunctions such as “after,” “although,” “because,” “before,” and “since.” A dependent clause can be used as an adjective, an adverb, or a noun in a sentence.

The following are examples of dependent clauses:

10 Dependent Clause Examples

10 Dependent Clause Examples

  1. As I was walking to the store, I saw my neighbor’s cat.
  2. Although she studied for hours, she still failed the test.
  3. Because the weather was bad, we decided to stay inside.
  4. After she finished her work, she went for a walk.
  5. Whenever I hear that song, it brings back memories of my childhood.
  6. Unless you study hard, you won’t pass the exam.
  7. Since it was his birthday, we decided to throw him a surprise party.
  8. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy too.
  9. Before I go to bed, I always brush my teeth.
  10. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

Dependent Clause Words

Dependent clause words, also known as subordinate conjunctions, are words that are used to introduce a dependent clause in a sentence. A dependent clause is a clause that cannot stand alone as a sentence, as it depends on the main clause to make sense.

Some examples of dependent clause words include:

  • After
  • Although
  • As
  • Because
  • Before
  • If
  • Since
  • Unless
  • Until
  • When
  • Where
  • While

Dependent Clause Examples


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