10 Examples of Modals Will, Using Will in Example Sentences

10 Examples of Modals Will! The modal verb will is used to express ability, certainty, or prediction. It can also be used to request or give permission. The following are 10 examples of how will can be used:

10 Examples of Modals Will Using Will in Example Sentences

10 Examples of Modals Will

  1. I will go to the store. This expresses ability.
  2. You will pass your test. This expresses certainty.
  3. The sun will rise at 6 am tomorrow. This expresses prediction.
  4. We will take a trip to Hawaii. This expresses permission.
  5. You will get a raise next year. This expresses prediction.
  6. He will be here in 5 minutes. This expresses prediction.
  7. She will give us a hand with the project. This expresses ability.
  8. They will call me tonight before 9 pm. This expresses prediction.
  9. This will be our last meeting of the year. This expresses certainty.
  10. Will you please help us with the project? This expresses permission.

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