10 Lines Short Stories with Moral

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral! Kids, do you like to read stories? Stories with a moral or lesson to be learned? Here are 10 short stories for you to enjoy, each with its own unique moral. Some are funny, some are tragic, but all of them will leave you thinking about the world around you. So gather up your favorite reading spot and settle in for a good read!

How 10 Lines stories are helpful in English speaking?

They are very useful. It helps to improve our fluency and timing. It has many advantages over normal English learning. One can read hundreds of short stories just in one month. There are different themes for each day so one doesn’t get bored. It helps to enhance our vocabulary too.

How do 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral help us?

It is a fantastic way to improve our reading and listening skills. We can learn new words in a fun, interesting way that is easy to understand. 10 Lines is easier than reading a whole book because it’s divided into short passages that are easy to follow, allowing students of all ages to peruse at their own pace. It makes us think about the world around us. It is very important because nowadays people are so caught up in their lives that they don’t take time to think about whats happening all around them.

Here are Some 10 Lines Stories with Moral:

1) The Boy Who Cried Wolf

One day a shepherd boy came to the village with a wolf. All the villagers ran away thinking that it was another attack. Once all the people had gone, they realized that it was only a boy with some sheep.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is an ancient story about telling lies and what happens if you do. It teaches children not to lie, the consequences of lying and that telling lies is easier than telling the truth.

Moral: If you lie, people will not trust you.

the boy who cried wolf

2) Sharing Is Caring

One day two children found a jar in the park. They split it evenly between themselves but when one child saw how many candies were in his half he wanted more. He tricked his friend into giving him more candy but once the candy was in his mouth he said that he had already given him some.

Sharing Is Caring is a lesson about treating others honestly and how it feels to be tricked.

Moral: It is not kind to trick others. Your Trickery will always come back to haunt you.

sharing is caring

3) The Golden Touch

One day a very rich man overheard a poor boy talking about his bad luck. The rich man offered to give him anything he wanted and the poor boy asked for some gold. The man went away and returned with a small bar of gold. The boy said that it was not enough, but when the rich man showed how much more he had they both decided that the poor boy would be better off without his gold after all.

The Golden Touch is about greed and how it does not end well.

Moral: Greed is not a good thing and it will often lead to a bad end.

the golden touch

4) The Tortoise and the Hare

One day a Hare challenged a Tortoise to a race but the Hare got so confident that he fell asleep during the race, allowing the Tortoise to win.

The Tortoise and the Hare is about not judging by appearances and that it pays to be patient.

Moral: Never underestimate others and always work hard for what you want.

tortoise and the hare

5) The Milkmaid and Her Pail

One morning a Milkmaid was carrying her pail of milk on her head to the market. She started thinking about all the wonderful things she would be able to buy and tripped over a stone, spilling all the milk. Silly as she felt, she decided that it was just not worth crying over spilled milk and dried her tears.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail is about contentment.

Moral: Be happy with what you have, don’t cry about spilled milk.

6) The Proud Rose

One day a Rose heard some other plants talking about how pretty she was. She got very excited and began to believe that she was more important than everyone else. When the storm came and knocked down all her petals, she became so embarrassed by her nakedness that she refused to grow for many years after.

The Proud Rose is a lesson about being humble.

Moral: If you are proud, others will treat you badly. Humility is a virtue that everyone should have.

the poor rose

7) Count Wisely

One day a father asked his three sons to help him carry some sacks of grain and gold coins to their kingdom. They were given a horse and cart and told that whoever brought back the most would inherit everything when he died. The brothers immediately set off for different parts of the country to find treasure.

The first two brothers soon reached their destinations and began searching for treasure. The First brother returned home, very pleased with himself because he had three sacks of gold coins. The Second brother arrived shortly after him, also bragging about how many sackfuls of gold he had found. They both laughed when they heard that their younger brother had only one sack full of grain because it was not valuable like gold.

The Third brother eventually returned home, utterly exhausted and very sad because he knew that his brothers would never understand why he had only one tiny sack of grain when they both had so much gold. He explained that even though it was just a small sack, this one sack held the key to their kingdom’s future and therefore meant much more than ten sacks of gold.

The brothers stopped laughing and began to understand that anything can be valuable if you know how to look at it.

Count Wisely is about not judging by appearances and learning from others around you.

Moral: Be wise with what you do, treasure comes in many forms.

count wisely

8) The Magic Seed

One day a poor farmer found a seed in the ground. He planted it and waited for it to grow but nothing happened. Disappointed, he stomped on the plant until one day something popped up out of the ground. It was the most beautiful flower the man had ever seen.

The Magic Seed is about patience and never giving up when things get tough.

Moral: Things take time and effort, but it will all be worth it in the end.

magic seeds

9) The Golden Key

Once there was a drawer in an old cabinet with golden decorations. One day a little girl found the key to the drawer and decided to look inside out of curiosity. She took out some beautiful necklaces and then carefully put them back before locking up the drawer again.

The Golden Key is about not taking what does not belong to you and being honest with yourself and others.

Moral: Never take things that don’t belong to you, always be honest and follow your dreams.

the golden key

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