100 Action Words in English

100 Action Words in English! Action words, also called verbs, describe the actions or states of being of the subject in a sentence. In English, there are three main types of action words: transitive, intransitive, and auxiliary. Transitive verbs describe an action that is performed on an object, intransitive verbs describe an action that is not performed on an object, and auxiliary verbs help to express other aspects of the action, such as tense, aspect, and mood. Each type of verb has its own set of rules for conjugation, so it’s important to learn which type of verb you’re dealing with before you try to conjugate it. However, once you’ve mastered the basics of verb conjugation, you’ll be able to communicate all sorts of actions in English.

100 Action Words With Meanings

100 Action Words in English

Here is the list of 100 Popular and Common Action Words in English.

1- Accept

2- Add

3- Admire

4- Advise

5- Agree

6- Alert

7- Allow

8- Amaze

9- Analyze

10- Annoy

11- Answer

12- Apologize

13- Applaud

14- Appreciate

15- Approve

16- Argue

17- Arrange

18- Arrest

19- Arrive

20- Ask

21- Attack

22- Attempt

23- Attend

24- Avoid

25- Bake

26- Balance

27- Ban

28- Beg

29- Behave

30- Belong

31- Blame

32- Bleed

33- Bless

34- Blindfold

35- Block

36- Blast

37- Blaze

38- Bless


40- Cheat

41- Check

42- Cheer

43- Clap

44- Clean

45- Collect

46- Command

47- Communicate

48- Compete

49- Complain

50- Complete

51- Dance

52- Deal

53- Disappoint

54- Discover

55- Disgust

56- Disturb

57- Dribble

58- Drink

59- Drive

60- Eat

61- Embarrass

62- Embrace

63- Encourage

64- Fetch

65- Fight

66- Fill

67- Film

68- Fire

69- Fit

70- Flee

71- Float

72- Flush

73- Force

74- Gather

75- Gaze

76- Glare

77- Grip

78- Groan

79- Growl

80- Guard

81- Guess

82- Hammer

83- Handcuff

84- Handle

85- Hang

86- Imitate

87- Impress

88- Increase

89- Introduce

90- Invite

91- Jog

92- Joke

93- Judge

94- Jump

95- Juggle

96- Kick

97- Kiss

98- Knock

99- Laugh

100- Lay

100 Action Words With Meanings

1- Accept:  To take or receive something offered.

2- Add: To join, connect, or bring together two or more things.

3- Admire: To feel respect and pleasure because of someone or something.

4- Advise: To give information, suggestions, or recommendations to someone.

5- Agree: To have the same opinion, idea, or belief as someone else.

6- Alert: To make someone aware of the danger or something important.

7- Allow: To give permission for something to happen.

8- Amaze: To cause someone to feel great surprise or wonder.

9- Analyze: To examine carefully and in detail in order to understand something.

10- Annoy: To cause someone to feel angry, irritated, or disturbed.

11- Answer: To say or write something in response to a question, statement, or request.

12- Apologize: To express regret for something that you have done wrong.

13- Applaud: To express approval or praise by clapping your hands together.

14- Appreciate: To be thankful for something and value it highly.

15- Approve: To agree with or support someone or something.

16- Argue: To have a disagreement, especially a heated one, about something.

17- Arrange: To put things in a particular order or plan something in detail.

18- Arrest: To take someone into police custody because they are accused of breaking the law.

19- Arrive: To reach a place at the end of a journey.

20- Ask: To say or write something in order to get information or an answer from someone.

21- Attack: To try to harm someone physically or verbally.

22- Attempt: To try to do something, usually without success.

23- Attend: To go to a place, event, or meeting.

24- Avoid: To stay away from someone or something.

25- Bake: To cook food in an oven, typically using flour, eggs, and butter.

26- Balance: To keep or put something in a steady position so that it does not fall.

27- Ban: To officially forbid something.

28- Beg: To ask for something, usually money, as a gift or from someone in authority.

29- Behave: To conduct oneself in a particular way.

30- Belong: To be owned by someone or something.

31- Blame: To say or think that someone or something is responsible for a problem or something bad that has happened.

32- Bleed: To lose blood from the body.

33- Bless: To make a sign of the cross on someone or something as a religious ceremony.

34- Blindfold: To cover someone’s eyes with a bandage so that they cannot see.

35- Block: To prevent something from happening or someone from moving forward.

36- Blush: To become red in the face from embarrassment, shame, or confusion.

37- Boast: To speak with too much pride about oneself or something one has done.

38- Bomb: To attack a place using bombs.

39- Book: To arrange for something such as a seat on a plane or a table at a restaurant in advance.

40- Borrow: To take and use something that belongs to someone else, with the intention of returning it at a later time.

41- Breathe: To take air into the lungs and then let it out again.

42- Build: To make or construct something, typically by putting parts or materials together.

43- Burn: To damage something by fire.

44- Bury: To put someone or something into the ground and cover them with the earth.

45- Buy: To obtain something by paying money for it.

46- Calculate: To determine an amount, quantity, or rate by using mathematical methods.

47- Call: To say something in a loud voice so that someone will hear.

48- Calm: To make or become less agitated, anxious, or excited.

49- Capture: To take control of something or someone.

50- Care: To feel concerned or interest in something or someone.

51- Carry: To take something or someone from one place to another.

52- Catch: To stop and capture someone or something that is moving.

53- Cause: To make something happen as a result of an action or set of conditions.

54- Challenge: To question whether something is true, right, or reasonable.

55- Change: To make or become different.

56- Charge: To accuse someone of a crime or offense.

57- Chase: To try to catch someone or something that is moving away from you.

58- Cheat: To act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

59- Check: To examine something carefully in order to find out whether it is correct, safe, or suitable.

60- Cheer: To shout words of encouragement, support, or praise.

61- Clap: To hit the palms of the hands together in order to make a noise.

62- Clean: To remove dirt, dust, or unwanted substances from something.

63- Climb: To move up something using your feet and legs, or using your hands and arms.

64- Close: To shut something such as a door, window, or lid.

65- Collect: To gather together a number of items.

66- Colour: To give something a particular color using a substance.

67- Combine: To put two or more things together to form one thing.

68- Come: To move or travel towards someone or something.

69- Comfort: To say or do something to make someone who is upset, unhappy, or in pain feel better.

70- Commit: To do something that is considered wrong or illegal.

71- Communicate: To share information, news, or ideas with someone.

72- Compete: To take part in a contest or competition in order to try to win.

73- Complain: To say that you do not like something or that you are unhappy about something.

74- Complete: To finish something.

75- Concentrate: To give all your attention to something.

76- Concern: To make someone worried or anxious about something.

77- Confess: To admit that you have done something wrong or illegal.

78- Confuse: To cause someone to become unsure about what is real and what is not.

79- Connect: To join two or more things together.

80- Consider: To think carefully about something.

81- Consist: To be made up of parts or substances that are listed.

82- Contain: To have something inside it.

83- Continue: To carry on doing something.

84- Copy: To make an exact copy of something.

85- Correct: To make something right, accurate, or true.

86- Cost: To require a particular amount of money to buy, do, or make something.

87- Cough: To expel air suddenly and noisily from the lungs through the nose and mouth because you have a cold or chest infection.

88- Cover: To put something over something else in order to protect it or hide it.

89- Crash: To (cause something to) hit something hard and break into pieces.

90- Create: To cause something to exist or happen.

91- Cry: To shed tears because you are sad, afraid, or angry.

92- Cut: To break through something using a sharp tool such as a knife.

93- Damage: To harm or destroy something.

94- Dance: To move the body and feet to the music.

95- Decide: To choose someone or something from a number of alternatives.

96- Describe: To say or write what someone or something is like.

97- Destroy: To break something so that it cannot be used again.

98- Develop: To grow or cause something to grow and become larger, stronger, or more advanced.

99- Die: If a person or an animal dies, they stop living.

100- Discuss: To talk about something with someone, especially in order to reach a decision.


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