100 Common Words for Beginners in English PDF

English can be a tricky language to learn, especially for beginners. There are a lot of words that have multiple meanings, and it can be difficult to know which one to use in a specific context. In this blog post, we will go over some of the most common words used in English, with their various meanings and examples.

100 Common Words for Beginners in English

100 Common Words for Beginners

Allow: to give permission for something to happen

– Example: You are not allowed to smoke in this building.

Answer: a response to a question

– Example: Can you answer the question on page 32?

Arrive: to reach a destination

– Example: We arrived at the hotel at 3 p.m.

Ask: to request information from someone

– Example: Can I ask you a question?

Baby: a very young child

– Example: The mother was holding her baby in her arms.

Beg: to ask for something in a humble or desperate way

– Example: He begged me for forgiveness after he cheated on me.

Believe: to think that something is true

– Example: I don’t believe you! Show me the evidence!

Break: to separate into pieces

– Example: The vase fell and broke into pieces.

Bring: to take something with you when you come

– Example: Can you bring your laptop to the meeting?

Build: to make or construct something

– Example: They are building a new shopping mall downtown.

Buy: to purchase something

– Example: I’m going to buy a new car.

Call: to speak to someone on the phone

– Example: Can I call you later? I’m in a meeting right now.

Carry: to hold or transport something

– Example: Can you carry this box for me? It’s very heavy.

Catch: to grab or take hold of something

– Example: Can you catch that ball for me? I can’t reach it.

Change: to make something different

– Example: The company is going through some changes right now.

Chat: to have a casual conversation with someone

– Example: We were chatting about our weekend plans.

Clean: to make something free of dirt, grime, or other mess

– Example: Can you please clean your room? It’s a mess!

Climb: to go up or over something using your hands and feet

– Example: I need to climb this tree to get the ball.

Close: to shut something

– Example: Please close the door when you leave.

Collect: to gather or bring together a group of things

– Example: I collect stamps as a hobby.

Come: to move or travel toward someone or something

– Example: Come here! I want to show you something.

Dance: to move your body rhythmically to music

– Example: Let’s dance! This song is my favorite!

Date: a social or romantic outing with someone

– Example: Do you want to go on a date with me?

Decide: to choose something

– Example: I need to decide what to wear to the party.

Escape: to leave quickly or secretly

– Example: They escaped from the burning building.

Exercise: to physically activity to stay healthy

– Example: I need to exercise more. I’ve been sitting at a desk all day.

Fail: to not succeed

– Example: He failed his driving test three times before he finally passed.

Feed: to give food to someone or something

– Example: I need to feed the cat.

Finish: to complete something

– Example: I need to finish my homework before I can watch TV.

Fly: to travel through the air

– Example: I’m going to fly to Paris next week.

Forget: to not remember something

– Example: I forgot my keys!

Get: to receive or obtain something

– Example: I got a new car for my birthday.

Give: to provide or offer something to someone

– Example: Can you give me a hand with this? I can’t carry it by myself.

Hang: to put something up or display it

– Example: Can you hang this picture on the wall for me?

Happen: to take place

– Example: What happened to your arm? Did you fall?

Have: to possess or own something

– Example: I have a cat.

I: the subject of this sentence

– Example: I am going to the store.

Include: to have or contain something as part of a group

– Example: The ticket includes a drink and popcorn.

Increase: to make something larger or more in number

– Example: The company’s profits have increased by 20% since last year.

Jog: to run at a moderate pace

– Example: I’m going to go for a jog around the park.

Jump: to push yourself up off the ground and into the air

– Example: The dog was so excited, it started jumping up and down.

Kick: to hit something with your foot

– Example: He kicked the ball into the net and scored a goal.

Knock: to hit something with your hand or fist

– Example: Can you knock on the door? I can’t reach it.

Laugh: to make a sound with your voice when something is funny

– Example: I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

Marry: to join together two people in a legal ceremony

– Example: They are getting married next month.

Matter: to be important or have an effect on something

– Example: It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you’re comfortable.

Meet: to come together with someone

– Example: I’m going to meet my friend.

Nod: to move your head up and down to show agreement or sleepiness

– Example: He nodded his head in agreement.

Note: to write down or record something

– Example: I need to make a note of that.

Observe: to watch or look at something carefully

– Example: The scientist observed the planets through a telescope.

Paint: to put color on something

– Example: I’m going to paint my room.

Pass: to go by or move past something or someone

– Example: The train passed by slowly.

Pick: to choose or select something

– Example: I need to pick a dress for the wedding.

Raise: to lift something up

– Example: He raised his hand to signal that he wanted to ask a question.

Realize: to become aware of or understand something

– Example: I realized that I left my phone at home.

Satisfy: to make someone happy or content

– Example: The meal satisfied my hunger.

Scream: to make a loud, high sound with your voice

– Example: I screamed when I saw the spider.

Search: to look through something for someone or something

– Example: I searched the entire house, but I couldn’t find my keys.

Taste: to try a food or drink to see what it is like

– Example: This coffee tastes bitter.

Touch: to physically contact or feel something

– Example: Can you touch your toes?

Turn: to move in a different direction

– Example: Turn left at the next corner.

Understand: to know or comprehend something

– Example: I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Visit: to go to see someone or something

– Example: I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend.

Walk: to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other

– Example: Let’s go for a walk.

Want: to desire or want something

– Example: I want a pizza for dinner.

Watch: to look at something or someone for a period of time

– Example: I’m going to watch a movie.

Wish: to desire or want something

– Example: I wish I had a million dollars.

X-ray: to take a picture of the inside of someone’s body using a special machine

– Example: I’m going to get an x-ray of my arm.

Zoom: to move quickly or go fast

– Example: The car zoomed by me.

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