100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life Pdf! It is said that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. This may be true for some people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to make learning English easier and one of them is by using sentences that are commonly used in daily life.

100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

Here are 100 English sentences that are used often and will help you communicate better:

1- Where are you from?

2- What’s your name?

3- How old are you?

4- Do you speak English?

5- I don’t understand.

6- Can you help me?

7- Thank you.

8- You’re welcome.

9- I’m sorry.

10- Excuse me.

11- Let me help you.

12- I’m looking for _____.

13- Can I have _____, please?

14- Do you have _____?

15- How much is this?

16- That’s too expensive.

17- I’ll take this one.

18- Where can I find _____?

19- Go straight, then turn left.

20- It’s on your right.

21- It’s in front of _____.

22- It’s behind _____.

23- Sorry, we’re closed.

24- Is there anything else I can help you with?

25- Enjoy your meal!

26- I’m full.

27- That was delicious!

28- Can I have the bill, please?

29- The tip is included.

30- Leave a 10% tip.

31- Ali was Doing laundry.

32- Taking out the trash

33- Making the bed

34- Doing the dishes

35- Vacuuming

36- Mowing the lawn

37- She was Raking leaves.

38- Shoveling snow

39- Feeding the pets

40- Bathing the pets

41- Walking the dog

42- Taking a shower

43- He was Brushing teeth.

44- She is Getting dressed.

45- I am Making breakfast.

46- SHe is Making lunch.

47- He is Making dinner.

48- She is Going to the store.

49- He is Going to work.

50- I am Going to school.

51- We are Going to the movies.

52- They are Going out to eat.

53- We are Leaving soon.

54- They are Arriving today.

55- I am Reading a book.

56- She is Writing a letter.

57- He is Playing a game.

58- They are Watching TV.

59- We are Listening to music.

60- I am Doing homework.

61- She is Studying for a test.

62- He is Practicing the piano.

63- They are Going to bed.

64- We are Waking up.

65- I am Making a cake.

66- She is Baking cookies.

67- He is Cooking dinner.

68- I am Drinking water.

69- She is Drinking milk.

70- He is Drinking juice.

71- I am Eating an apple.

72- She is Eating a sandwich.

73- He is Eating pizza.

74- I am Washing the car.

75- She is Washing clothes.

76- He is Washing dishes.

77- The sun is Shining.

78- It is Raining.

79- It is Snowing.

80- The wind is Blowing.

81- It is cloudy.

82- It is Hot.

83- It is Cold.

84- Turn on the light.

85- Turn off the light.

86- Open the door.

87- Close the door.

88- I am thirsty.

89- I am hungry.

90- I am sleepy.

91- I am bored.

92- This is fun!

93- That’s enough!

94- Stop!

95- Go!

96- Come here!

97- Sit down!

98- Stand up!

99- Jump!

100- Run!


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