100 Examples of Collective Nouns with Sentences

100 Examples of Collective Nouns with Sentences! What are collective nouns? A collective noun is a word that describes a group of people, animals, or things. For example, the word “flock” is a collective noun that describes a group of birds.

Collective nouns are often used in sentences where the subject is performing an action as a group. For example, you might say “The flock of birds flew overhead.” In this sentence, the subject is “flock” and the verb is “flew.”

There are many different types of collective nouns, and they can be used to describe all sorts of different groups. Some common collective nouns include “herd,” “pack,” and “swarm.”

Collective nouns can be singular or plural, depending on how they are used in a sentence.

100 Examples of Collective Nouns with Sentences

100 Examples of Collective Nouns

  1. set of clubs
  2. chest of drawers
  3. reel of film
  4. class of students
  5. stud of horses
  6. catalog of prices
  7. ream of paper
  8. catalogue of prices
  9. packet of letters
  10. Quiver of arrows
  11. staff of employees
  12. pack of cards
  13. Mob of deer
  14. Sloth of bears
  15. Anthology of prose
  16. team of players
  17. packet of letters
  18. posse of policemen
  19. string of pearls
  20. tribe of natives
  21. pair of shoes
  22. patrol of policemen
  23. stack of wood
  24. harvest of wheat
  25. skein of wild geese in flight
  26. range of mountains
  27. Rope of onions
  28. heap of rubbish
  29. heap of rubbish
  30. Anthology of poems
  31. quiver of arrows
  32. Roll of coins
  33. Belt of asteroids
  34. swarm of bees
  35. An orchard of fruit trees
  36. Fleet of boats
  37. set of clubs
  38. Round of drinks
  39. regiment of soldiers
  40. wad of notes
  41. Pod of birds
  42. cluster of coconuts
  43. reel of film
  44. book of notes
  45. troop of scouts
  46. Fleet of vehicles
  47. string of horses
  48. string of pearls
  49. bunch of crocks
  50. bowl of rice
  51. wad of notes
  52. Flight of stairs
  53. An outfit of clothes
  54. Fitting of sails
  55. bowl of rice
  56. caravan of gypsies
  57. Erst of bees
  58. pack of cards
  59. Fleet of cars
  60. pair of shoes
  61. Range of mountains
  62. Chatter of budgerigars
  63. Herd of curlew
  64. colony of badgers
  65. bunch of keys
  66. Fleet of vehicles
  67. party of friends
  68. shower of rain
  69. reel of film
  70. Rouleau of money
  71. ream of paper
  72. Rope of pearls
  73. swarm of bees
  74. bouquet of flowers
  75. Flight of airplanes
  76. bunch of keys
  77. Garland of sonnets
  78. company of actors
  79. ream of paper
  80. bundle of sticks
  81. Battery of artillery
  82. cluster of coconuts
  83. set of clubs
  84. choir of singers
  85. cloud of dust
  86. sheaf of grain
  87. congregation of worship
  88. sheaf of grain
  89. Serving of spoons
  90. bundle of sticks
  91. Pack of cards
  92. hedge of bushes
  93. hedge of bushes
  94. library of books
  95. Atlas of maps
  96. team of oxen
  97. chest of drawers
  98. stud of horses
  99. Agenda of tasks
  100. hand of bananas

Examples of Collective Nouns with Sentences

  1. Aircraft: The aircraft was delayed due to bad weather.
  2. Aisle: The aisle of the supermarket was full of people.
  3. Antenna: The antenna of the TV was broken.
  4. Applause: The applause of the audience was deafening.
  5. Archive: The archive of the documents was found.
  6. Array: The array of numbers was sorted.
  7. Bag: I need a bigger bag to carry all these books.
  8. Barrel: There are 50 barrels of oil in the storage room.
  9. Basket: Please bring me a basket so I can carry these groceries.
  10. Bottle: There are 12 bottles of water in the fridge.
  11. Box: We have a lot of boxes to unpack.
  12. Bus: The bus driver told us to be quiet.
  13. Band: The band was playing in the park.
  14. Bar: The bar of the soap was too soft.
  15. Battery: The battery of the car was dead.
  16. Beam: The beam of the flashlight was very bright.
  17. Bin: The bin of the garbage was full.
  18. Board: The board of the company was meeting.
  19. Bolt: The bolt of the door was broken.
  20. Cabinet: The cabinet in the kitchen was full of dishes.
  21. Canopy: The canopy of the bed was very pretty.
  22. Capital: The capital of the country is the city.
  23. Career: His career in the military was very successful.
  24. Cart: The cart of the grocery store was full of food.
  25. Channel: The channel of TV was changed.
  26. Circle: The circle of friends was very close.
  27. Cluster: The cluster of stars was very bright.
  28. Column: The column of the newspaper was very popular.
  29. Complex: The complex of the buildings was very large.
  30. Concert: The concert band was very good.
  31. Caravan: The caravan was moving too slowly for my liking.
  32. Chain: The chain around the dog’s neck was too tight.
  33. Class: The teacher asked the class to be quiet.
  34. Cluster: There is a cluster of stars in the sky.
  35. Coach: The coach told the team to keep practicing.
  36. Code: The code for the safe is 1234.
  37. Colony: The colony of bees was buzzing.
  38. Combo: The combo of food was delicious.
  39. Company: The company is going bankrupt.
  40. Conspiracy: The conspiracy against the government is getting stronger.
  41. Contingent: The contingent of soldiers was sent to the front line.
  42. Couple: The couple is getting a divorce.
  43. Crew: The crew of the ship was sailing for weeks.
  44. Deck: There are 52 cards in a deck.
  45. Dozen: I have a dozen eggs to bake a cake.
  46. Draft: The draft of the document is ready.
  47. Ensemble: The ensemble was playing beautifully.
  48. Faction: The faction of the party is against the leader.
  49. Family: The family is going on vacation.
  50. Fleet: The fleet of cars was driving on the highway.
  51. Force: The force of the wind was strong.
  52. Gang: The gang was fighting in the street.
  53. Group: The group is going to meet at the park.
  54. Guild: The guild of thieves is planning a heist.
  55. Herd: The herd of cows was grazing in the field.
  56. Jury: The jury is still deliberating.
  57. Kit: The kit for the model is missing.
  58. League: The league of nations is meeting.
  59. Legion: The legion of demons was destroyed.
  60. Load: The load of the truck was too heavy.
  61. Mafia: The mafia is controlling the city.
  62. Majority: The majority of the people voted for the candidate.
  63. Mass: The mass of the object was too heavy to lift.
  64. Mob: The mob was rioting in the streets.
  65. Mode: The mode of transportation is by car.
  66. Nest: The nest of bees was in the tree.
  67. Net: The net of the fishing was full.
  68. Orchestra: The orchestra was playing classical music.
  69. Pack: The pack of wolves was howling.
  70. Pair: I need a pair of shoes to match this dress.
  71. Panels: The panels of the fence were broken.
  72. Parcel: The parcel was delivered to the wrong address.
  73. Pile: There is a pile of books on my desk.
  74. Platoon: The platoon of soldiers was marching.
  75. Pool: The pool of blood was on the ground.
  76. Pot: I need a pot to cook this soup.
  77. Quiver: The quiver of arrows was empty.
  78. Range: The range of the mountains was vast.
  79. Ream: I have a ream of paper to print this document.
  80. Ring: The ring of keys was on the table.
  81. School: The school of fish was swimming.
  82. Set: The set of dishes was in the dishwasher.
  83. Sheet: I need a sheet of paper to write a letter.
  84. Shield: The shield of the knight was broken.
  85. Ship: The ship was sailing on the sea.
  86. Span: The span of the bridge was too long.
  87. Stack: The stack of papers was falling.
  88. Staff: The staff of the company was fired.
  89. string: I need a string to tie this package.
  90. Suite: The suite of rooms was very luxurious.
  91. Team: The team is going to the playoffs.
  92. Tower: The tower of the castle was very tall.
  93. Troop: The troop of soldiers was on the march.
  94. Troupe: The troupe of actors was performing.
  95. Vector: The vector of the disease was spreading.
  96. Wagon: The wagon was carrying a load of hay.
  97. Ward: The ward of the hospital was full of patients.
  98. Waves: The waves of the sea were crashing.
  99. Well: The well of the water was dry.
  100. Zoo: A zoo is a place where animals are kept.

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