100 Examples of Synonyms

100 Examples of Synonyms! In the English language, a synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. Synonyms are often used to avoid repeating the same word multiple times, to make writing more concise, or to choose a word that conveys a particular connotation.

For example, the words “small” and “tiny” are synonyms, as are the words “grand” and “majestic.” In some cases, two words may have different connotations but the same denotation. In these cases, they are referred to as near-synonyms.

For example, the words “generous” and “price” both have positive connotations, while the word ” stingy” has a negative connotation.

While it is helpful to be aware of synonyms, it is important to avoid using them excessively, as this can make writing seem contrived or simplistic. With a careful selection of words, synonyms can be used skillfully to add variety and richness to your writing.

100 Examples of Synonyms

100 Examples of Synonyms




1 Joyful    Radiant
2 Fanatism    Zealotry
3 Plausible    Believable
4 Eccentric Peculiar, unusual
5 Sneer Mock, scorn
6 Unconventional    Maverick
7 Chastise Punish, admonish
8 Munificent Liberal, hospitable
9 Modest    Humble
10 Model    Quintessential
11 Aid    Help
12 Deceit Deception, artifice
13 Lackadaisical    Nonchalant
14 All    powerful
15 Benefit    Profit
16 Impious Irreligious, unholy
17 Monumental    Monolithic
18 Help Aid, assist
19 Obvious Evident, apparent
20 Hot    Zesty


21 Hostile Antagonistic, aggressive, militant
22 Monstrous    Heinous
23 Yearn Languish, crave
24 Foe Enemy, adversary, opponent
25 Abundant   Plentiful
26 Deregulate    Decontrol
27 Seaweed     Kelp
28 Chatter    Yackety
29 Instill Inculcate, inject
30 Boom    Resound
31 Distinct    Different
32 Grasp    Hold
33 Tame    Docile
34 Irrepressible Irresistible, unconfined
35 Conspicuous Prominent, obvious
36 Glory Dignity, renown
37 Obstruct Impede, prevent
38 Dawn    Daybreak
39 Cut back    Retrench
40 Rescind Annul, abrogate


41 Apeirogon    Zerogon
42 Essential    Necessary
43 Question    Ask
44 Destructive Catastrophic, pernicious
45 Muscle of thigh    Quadriceps
46 Urgent Crucial, important, imperative
47 Struggle    Conflict
48 Luscious Palatable, delicious
49 Bury    Inter
50 Vibrate Shake, quiver, tremble
51 Fantasy    Fiction
52 White vitriol    Zinc vitriol
53 Wholehearted Earnest, sincere
54 Odious Malevolent, obnoxious
55 Imperative    Urgent
56 Fine distinction    Nuance
57 Ascetic    Reclusive
58 Working    Busy
59 Enigmatic    Inscrutable
60 Sword    shaped
61 Stagnate    Vegetate
62 Allay Pacify, soothe
63 Silent    Quiet
64 Tedious Wearisome. Irksome
65 Enemy Opponent, foe
66 Fed up    Jaded
67 Trenchant Assertive, forceful
68 Give Donate, present, offer
69 Perpetual Eternal, endless, incessant
70 Masculine Gallant, strapping
71 Container    Tank
72 Disrespect    Scorn
73 Fracture    Break
74 Slurp    Quaffs
75 Reputable Honorable, upstanding, honest
76 Mutual Joint, identical
77 Artistry    Taxidermy
78 Dry    Xeric
79 Get to point    Talk turkey


80 Superb Magnificent, exquisite
81 Gaunt Scrawny, skinny, thin
82 Damage Hurt, impair, harm
83 Approaching    Upcoming
84 Abound Flourish, proliferate
85 Keepsake   Memento
86 System Scheme, entity
87 Vivacious Spirited, energetic
88 Impetuous Impulsive, rash, reckless
89 Fury    Frenzy
90 Minor Lesser, inferior, secondary
91 Muddle    Confuse
92 Stimulate Rouse, stir, motivate
93 Carnal Earthly, fleshly
94 Infertile    Barren
95 Explain    Clarify
96 Scanty Scarce, insufficient
97 Just Honest, impartial
98 Weird    Bizarre
99 Chubby Plump, pudgy
100 Mandatory Imperative, requisite


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