100 Slang Words, Cool Slang Words

100 Slang Words, Cool Slang Words! Are you up to date with the latest TikTok slang? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular TikTok slang words in English.

When it comes to cool slang words, TikTok has got a lot to offer. From “sus” to “stan”, there’s no shortage of new and interesting terms to learn. And while some of these words might not be suitable for everyday conversation, they’re definitely worth knowing if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

So without further ado, here are some of the most popular TikTok slang words in English:

100 Slang Words Cool Slang Words

100 Cool Slang Words

  1. Crusty =Unclean
  2. Schvitz =Sweating
  3. Smol =Small/cute
  4. You bet =You’re welcome
  5. Lewk =Someone’s personal style
  6. No big deal =Not a problem
  7. What’s up? =How are you? How’s it going?
  8. Never mind =Let’s change the subject
  9. Chicken =Coward
  10. Party animal =Someone who is always partying
  11. Armchair CEO =Offering expertise on
  12. Blue-Collar =Jobs focused on manual labor
  13. Tight =Stylish, cool
  14. Shady =Suspicious
  15. W =A win
  16. Brick =Freezing
  17. Wack =Bad, not cool
  18. Tune out =Stop paying attention
  19. Fauci ouchie =COVID-19 vaccine
  20. Stan =Obsessive fan
  21. Couch potato =Someone who’s always watching tv
  22. Cringe =Really embarrassing
  23. Chill = Relax
  24. In the bag =A certainty
  25. Flick =Movie
  26. Ice =Jewelry
  27. L =A loss
  28. Have dibs on =Make a claim on/to
  29. Slay =Excel at, win at
  30. Show up =Go to, do better than someone
  31. Real talk =to get someone’s attention
  32. I’m beat =I’m tired
  33. Hip =Popular, trendy
  34. Dead-Ass =Serious about something
  35. Steez =Effortless style
  36. Drownin’ =Unfashionable
  37. Fuzz =Police
  38. On point =Relevant and appropriate, really good
  39. I’m game =I can join you/I will do it
  40. Off the hook =Freed from blame
  41. Salty =Jealous (of someone)
  42. Amped up =Filled with enthusiasm/energy
  43. Dope! =Cool
  44. (To) screw over =Cheat or exploit someone
  45. Cray =Crazy
  46. Finsta =Fake/Private Instagram account
  47. Jonesing (For) =Really want something
  48. Cake/Cheese =Money
  49. Wasted =Intoxicated
  50. (To) ace =Excel at (a test)
  51. Poppin’ =Excellent
  52. Drip =Fashionable
  53. Lit =Drunk, or superb
  54. Wrap up =Finish doing something
  55. Yikes! =No way! It can’t be!
  56. Off the chain =Really good
  57. Once in a blue moon =Rarely
  58. Spox =Spokesperson
  59. Oops! =When someone messes up
  60. I can’t even! =I can’t tolerate that anymore!
  61. Wig =That’s so cool!
  62. Fam =Family
  63. That’s rad =That’s cool
  64. Have a blast =Having a great time
  65. Finna =I am going to
  66. Flakey =Indecisive
  67. Grub =Food
  68. Yas! =(Celebratory) yes!
  69. Bomb =Really good, tasty
  70. Pass the buck =Make someone else responsible
  71. Corny =silly
  72. Straight fire =Trendy
  73. Cram =Study like crazy
  74. A-Game =One’s best
  75. All-ears =Has your undivided attention
  76. Babe =Attractive woman
  77. Curve =Rejecting someone’s advances
  78. The bomb =Excellent
  79. White-Collar =High-salary job
  80. Dank =Excellent
  81. Booze =Alcohol
  82. Hypebeast =Someone who only wants to be popular
  83. No biggie =Not a problem
  84. Wylin’/Wildin’ =Acting crazy
  85. Fleek =Really good, stylish
  86. Take for granted :     Assume
  87. Swole =Very muscular
  88. Ghost =Suddenly start ignoring
  89. Hit the books =Study
  90. Ride shotgun =Sit in the front passenger seat
  91. Whiz =A smart person
  92. Dude =A guy
  93. Buggin’ =Acting crazy
  94. Crash =Sleep/pass out
  95. Dms’ =Direct messages
  96. Sick =Cool, great
  97. Turnt =Intoxicated, energized
  98. Hit the road =Leave (to go somewhere)
  99. Boujee =Fancy and extravagant
  100. Kiss ass =Win someone’s approval by being servile


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