100 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms Pdf

100 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms Pdf! Looking for a comprehensive list of words with synonyms and antonyms? You’ve come to the right place! This PDF contains 100 words with both sets of opposites, making it the perfect reference guide for students preparing for standardized tests.

Whether you’re studying for the SAT, ACT, GRE, or any other exam that includes a vocabulary section, this PDF will come in handy. Each word is listed alphabetically with its synonyms and antonyms next to it, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Don’t spend hours combing through a thesaurus – this PDF has everything you need. Download it now and get started on mastering those tricky vocabulary words!

100 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms Pdf

100 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms


Sr. Words Synonyms Antonyms
1 Glory dignity, renown shame, disgrace
2 Incongruous inappropriate, absurd compatible, harmonious
3 Pacify appease, chasten irritate, worsen
4 Conservative cautious, restrained radical, extreme
5 Impediment hurdle, obstruction assistant, concurrence
6 Obnoxious offensive, abominable pleasant, pleasing
7 Continue persist, persevere discontinue, stop
8 Immense huge, enormous puny, insignificant
9 Eradicate destroy, exterminate secure, plant
10 Urchin foundling, orphan creep, knave
11 Win triumph, succeed, prevail lose
12 Comprehend understand, grasp confuse, misinterpret
13 Substantial considerable, solid tenuous, fragile
14 Jaded tired, exhausted renewed, recreated
15 Compact bunched, thick loose, diffuse
16 Upset perturb, ruffle, agitate soothe, calm
17 Prudence vigilance, discretion indiscretion
18 Quibble equivocate, prevaricate unfeigned, plain
19 Retaliate avenge, revenge
20 Reliable trustworthy, steadfast undependable, unreliable


21 Keen sharp, poignant vapid, insipid
22 Uncouth awkward, ungraceful elegant, compensate
23 Malice vengefulness, grudge goodwill, kindness
24 Adamant stubborn, inflexible flexible, soft
25 Allay pacify, soothe aggravate, excite
26 Bleak grim, austere bright, pleasant
27 Derogatory sarcastic, critical laudatory, appreciative
28 Valiant courageous, brave cowardly, fearful
29 Venom poison, malevolence antidote, benevolent
30 Patience tolerance, perseverance impatience
31 Wilt wither, perish revive, bloom
32 Mutual joint, identical separate, distinct
33 Reveal show, disclose hide, conceal
34 Premature early, hasty late, delayed
35 Hazard peril, danger conviction, security
36 Subterfuge deceit, stratagem frankness, openness
37 Bustle commotion, tumult slowness, quiet
38 Acumen awareness, brilliance stupidity, ignorance
39 Clandestine covert, furtive open, legal
40 Tyro beginner, riotous proficient, veteran


41 Observe examine, study ignore, disregard
42 Conscious aware, cognizant unaware, unconscious
43 Cheap competitive, inexpensive dear, unreasonable
44 Optimistic hopeful, confident pessimistic
45 Wise knowing, scholarly dull, uneducated
46 Ominous menacing, foreboding auspicious
47 Wile trickery, artifice naivety, honor
48 Accord agreement, harmony discord
49 Succinct concise, terse lengthy, polite
50 Premeditated planned, intended spontaneous, accidental
51 Victory triumph, win, success defeat
52 Prohibit forbid, bar, restrict allow, permit
53 Qualified competent, capable unfit, unsuited
54 Impute attribute, ascribe exculpate, support
55 Subvert demolish, sabotage generate, organize
56 Solicit entreat, implore protest oppose
57 Defray spend, pay disclaim, repudiate
58 Glut stuff, satiate starve, abstain
59 Chastise punish, admonish cheer, encourage
60 Sick ill, ailing well, healthy


61 Nervous ruffled, perturbed composed, calm
62 Venerable esteemed, honored unworthy, immature
63 Confirm comply, submit dissent, dispute
64 Add increase, total subtract
65 Confuse complicate, jumble clarify
66 Contradict deny, oppose approve, confirm
67 Ridiculous nonsensical, preposterous sensible, believable
68 Zig -zag oblique, wayward straight, unbent
69 Quack impostor, deceiver upright, unfeigned
70 Morbid nasty, macabre healthy, cheerful
71 Tenacious stubborn, dodge docile, non- resinous
72 Heretic non-conformist, secularist conformable, religious
73 Harmony conformity, amicability discord, discord
74 Unbiased impartial, fair prejudiced, partial
75 Knave dishonest, scoundrel paragon, innocent
76 Adjourn postpone, recess recommence, continue
77 Coarse bawdy, boorish fine, chaste
78 Fanatical narrow-minded, biased liberal, tolerant
79 Efface destroy, obliterate retain, maintain
80 Yearn languish, crave content, satisfy


81 Busy active, engaged idle, lazy
82 Transparent diaphanous opaque
83 Consent agree, permit object disagree
84 Baroque florid, gilt plain, unadorned
85 Invective accusation, censure approval, acclamation
86 Intricate tangled, complicated regulated, orderly
87 Sublime magnificent, eminent ridiculous
88 Eclipse diminution, dimming shine, eclipse
89 Advocate support, recommend oppose
90 Gorgeous magnificent, dazzling dull, unpretentious
91 Invincible unconquerable effeminate, languid
92 Scanty scarce, insufficient lavish, multitude
93 Feeble weak, frail strong, robust
94 Optimist idealist pessimist
95 Baffle astound, faze facilitate, clarify
96 Bold adventurous timid
97 Destructive catastrophic creative, constructive
98 Permanent enduring, lasting temporary, changing
99 Stationary fixed, firm movable, portable
100 Large big, massive, huge small, little


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