1000 English Collocations: Collocation Words List Pdf

English Collocations Words List! A collocation is two or more words that often go together. They just sound “right” when you say them. Here are some examples of common English collocations:

– Verb + noun: make a decision, take action, have an effect, give advice

– Noun + noun: coffee break, toothpaste tube, haircut styles

– Adjective + noun: strong wind, heavy rain, deep sleep

– Verb + adverb: work hard, drive slowly, think deeply

Learning collocations will help you to sound more natural in English.

1000 English Collocations Collocation Words List Pdf

1000 English Collocations

Here are Some common English collocations with definitions and example sentences:

  1. afraid of – to be frightened of someone or something; to have a fear of something

I’m afraid of dogs. (noun)

I’m afraid of making mistakes. (gerund)

Are you afraid of heights? (adjective)

  1. ahead of – in front of someone or something; before someone or something in time, order, or rank

She walked ahead of me. (preposition)

I finished the work ahead of schedule. (adverb)

He’s ahead of me in the race. (adverb)

  1. along with – together with someone or something else; as well as someone or something else

I brought along my laptop just in case. (preposition)

Along with studying, he also works part-time. (conjunction)

  1. angry at/about – feeling annoyed or upset because of what someone has done

I’m angry at him for being so rude. (preposition)

She was angry about the situation. (adjective)

  1. answer to – to be responsible to someone for what you do; to have someone as your superior in rank or position

The manager is the person you need to answer to regarding that issue. (preposition) Who do I need to answer to for this project? (verb phrase)

  1. arrange for – to make arrangements for something to happen, especially by arranging for people to be available at a particular time Can you arrange for a meeting with our boss tomorrow? (verb phrase) Have you arranged for a babysitter yet? (verb phrase)
  2. arrive at/in – to reach a place after traveling there What time will we arrive in New York? (verb phrase) When she arrived at her friend’s house, she found that she had the wrong address. (verb phase)
  3. ask around – to try to obtain information by asking several people Have you asked around about that new restaurant? (verb phrase) I asked around, but no one has seen your cat. (verb phrase Even if you can’t find information online, you can always ask around about it.)
  4. attached to – having an emotional connection with someone or something She’s very attached to her cats. (adjective) He’s been attached to his company for over 20 years now. verb phrase
  5. base on/upon – use something as a foundation or starting point Most decisions in business are based on profit. (verb phrase We can’t base our relationship on sex.)
  6. benefit from – receive an advantage or good result from something He’s benefiting from therapy. (verb phrase the company will benefit greatly from your experience.)
  7. bound up in – be involved in something so much that it controls your thoughts and feelings Her entire identity is bound up in her job. (adjective My happiness is not entirely bound up in my career success.)
  8. burst into – enter a place suddenly, often because you are angry the teacher burst into the room screaming. (verb phrase She burst into tears when she saw the evidence of his affair.)
  9. call off – cancel an event that has been planned My mom called off her party because she was sick. (verb phrase We might have to call off the wedding if we can’t afford it.)
  10. carry out- do something that has been planned I carried out my threat and left him. (verb phrase He carried out an experiment to test his theory.)

Collocation Words List

Collocations with Break

Break the mold Break a window Break a bone/ your arm
Break even Break a leg Break the ice
Break a habit Break one’s fall Break a code
Break free Break a promise Break someone’s heart
Break news Break the news to someone Break the silence
Break a law Break wind Break the spell
Break loose Break the rules Break the bank
Break ground Break a record Break new ground

Collocations with Go

go abroad go ahead go to bed
go blind go by go crazy
go fishing go for a walk go on
go out    

Collocations with Get

get a chance get a job get a message
get a reputation get along get angry
get an education get back get excited
get in the way    

Collocations with Catch

Catch someone’s attention Catch a ball Catch a whiff
Catch a chill Catch your breath Catch (on) fire
Catch a glimpse Catch a cold Catch a cold
Catch someone’s eye Catch a bus/ a train Catch a thief
Catch the flu Catch you Later! Catch sight of

Collocations with Get

Get a splitting headache Give an answer Get a tan
Get tired Get a shock Give permission
Get a letter (receive) Give priority Get worried
Get wet Give advice Give sb a chance
Get the impression Get a clue Get upset
Get a job Get a ticket Get married
Give birth Give a ride Give an example
Give an idea Get angry Give credit
Get frightened Give rise to Get started
Give notice Give evidence Get a chance
Get to sleep Give a hug or kiss Get nowhere
Get hungry Get dark Get a joke
Give a call (a ring, a buzz) Get the sack Get out of breath
Get together Get into trouble Get the ticket (buy)
Get enthusiastic Give a chance Get permission
Give an opinion Get stuck in a traffic jam Get the message
Get lost Give sb a call Get fired
Get pregnant Get dressed/ undressed Give sth a go
Give a choice Get a/the right Give a hand
Get a call Get divorced Give the impression
Give way Get hot (ter) Get a cold
Get old Give a headache Give a damn
Get ready for Get one’s hair cut Give sb a lift
Get drunk Get cool Get getting dark
Get changed (change clothes)    

Collocations with Give

Give thought (to) Get home (arrive) Get sleep
Give up    

Collocations with Have

Have trouble Have a conversation/chat Have an appointment with
Have a hard time Have a confrontation Have a shower
Have a rest Have a bad temper Have a swim
Have something to eat Have a touch Have a doubt
Have an exam Have a shave Have a snooze
Have a day off Have a laugh Have a meal
Have a career/a goal Havea drink Have a party/concert
Have a talk Have a word Have a backache
Have difficulty Have a sandwich Have a nap
Have work Have self-esteem Have a night mare
Have a quarrel Have a limp Have a go
Have a moment Have room Have access (to)
Have a run Have skills Have soul
Have a drill Have a ride Have sympathy
Have an opportunity Have success Have a massage
Have a taste Have a fit Have a safe journey
Have an event Have a lecture Have a right
Have rest Have a great weekend Have a feeling
Have a cup of tea/ coffee Have a glass of wine Have a walk
Have a jog Have a problem Have a baby
Have a chance Have an argument Have an effect (on)
Have no fear Have a temperature Have a listen
Have a snack Have a good time Have a headache
Have a lisp Have a fight Have an interview
Have a stroke Have a depression/etc Have a chat
Have faith Have no education Have patience
Have a salad Have a wish Have a bad fall
Have fun/a good time Have a wash Have a busy day
Have a haircut Have a relationship Have time
Have an energy bar Have a try Have a holiday
Have a scrub Have an ice-cream Have an excuse
Have a smell Have an accident Have the chance (to)
Have a birthday Have a bite Have a good/nice/etc day!
Have a meeting Have a passion for Have a business trip
Have a dance Have an experience Have a lesson
Have a dispute Have a jacuzzi Have a dream
Have a discussion Have an idea Have a lie down
Have a goal Have a think Have a workout
Have a break Have sex Have a plan
Have a competition Have breakfast/lunch/dinner Have a stretch
Have food Have a bath Have some sugar/ milk
Have a look Have a game Have a cold

Collocations with Keep

Keep the change Keep calm Keep quiet
Keep an appointment Keep someone’s place Keep in touch
Keep a promise Keep a secret Keep a diary
Keep control Keep score Keep your balance
Keep records    

Collocations with Take

take a break take a chance take a class
take a look take a nap take a seat
take action take advantage take care
take effect take hold take in
take off take on take over
take place take pride take root
take shape take side take steps
take the lead take up  

Collocations with Do

do a good job do business do damage
do exercise do homework do research
do well    

Collocations with Make

make a change make a difference make a living
make an effort make an impact make an impression
make a point make a profit make progress
make sense    

Collocations with Give

give a speech give an example give directions
give birth give blood give evidence
give in give off give up
give thanks give way  

Collocations with Put

put a lot of effort into something put a stop to something
put an end to something put forward a proposal
put it into perspective put pressure on someone
put somebody/something to the test put together a team/an event

Collocations with Ask

ask around ask for
ask somebody out ask a favor

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