1000 English Words For Beginners (With Meaning)

English can be a difficult language to learn, but with the right resources, you can be on your way to becoming a bilingual speaker in no time! In this blog post, we will provide you with 1000 English words for beginners and their meanings.

With this list of words, you will be able to start building your vocabulary and improving your understanding of the English language.

English Words For Beginners

English Words For Beginners and Meaning

  1. Allow: to permit

Can I allow myself a piece of cake?

  1. Although: despite the fact that

Although it is raining, I will go for a walk.

  1. Announce: to make known

We will announce the winner of the contest at the party.

  1. Apologize: to express regret

I must apologize for being late.

  1. Appreciate: to be grateful for

I appreciate your help.

  1. Approve: to agree with

The board approved the new project.

  1. Argue: to have a difference of opinion

My parents always argue about politics.

  1. Arrange: to put in order

I will arrange the books on the shelf by color.

  1. Ask: to request information from somebody

Can I ask you a question?

  1. Attach: to join or fasten

Please attach the file to your email.

  1. Available: not occupied

Is the conference room available for our meeting?

  1. Avoid: to stay away from

You should avoid processed foods.

  1. Belief: something that is accepted as true

Do you have any beliefs about life after death?

  1. Benefit: something that helps or improves a situation

The benefit of exercise is that it makes you healthier.

  1. Blame: to hold responsible

Who do you blame for the accident?

  1. Breathe: to take air into and out of the lungs

Make sure to breathe deeply when you are doing yoga.

  1. Build: to construct

We will build a new house on this land.

  1. Busy: having a lot to do

I am sorry, I cannot talk now, I am busy.

  1. Care: to give attention to something

You should take care of your health.

  1. Challenge: something that is difficult to do

Running a marathon is a challenge for me.

  1. Change: to make different

I need to change my clothes before we go out.

  1. Charge: to demand payment

The hospital will charge you for the surgery.

  1. Check: to examine or look at something

Can you check the engine oil, please?

  1. Choose: to select one option from a group

Which dress do you choose? The red one or the blue one?

  1. Close: to shut

Please close the door when you leave.

  1. Combine: to join two or more things

Can you combine these ingredients to make a cake?

  1. Complain: to express dissatisfaction

I am going to complain about the noise to the landlord.

  1. Complete: to finish

I have completed my homework.

  1. Concern: something that is worrying

My main concern is my health.

  1. Confirm: to say that something is true

Can you confirm your reservation?

  1. Daren’t: to be too frightened to do something

I daren’t go out at night.

  1. Decide: to make a choice

I have decided to quit my job.

  1. Deliver: to take or send something somewhere

Can you deliver this package to my friend?

  1. Discuss: to talk about something with someone

We need to discuss the matter further.

  1. Distribute: to give things out equal parts

The teacher will distribute the handouts in class.

  1. Divide: to separate into two or more parts

We will divide the cake into three parts.

  1. Eager: very keen or enthusiastic

I am eager to learn more about the culture.

  1. Encounter: to meet someone by chance

I encountered an old friend in the park.

  1. End: to finish

The party will end at midnight.

  1. Environment: the surroundings in which someone lives or works

We must protect the environment.

  1. Estimate: to calculate a rough idea

Can you estimate how much money we need?

  1. Expect: to think that something will happen

I expect to see you at the party.

  1. Experience: things that happen to somebody during their life, especially bad things I have never experienced such cold weather.
  2. Favour: to like something or someone more than other things or people

I favor the blue dress.

  1. Finish: to reach the end of something

I have finished my book.

  1. Follow: to do what someone else has done or is doing

Can you follow me, please? I will show you the way.

  1. Get: to receive something

I got a new car for my birthday.

  1. Give: to provide or supply somebody with something

Can you give me your phone number, please?

  1. Handle: to deal with something in a particular way

Can you handle this problem, please?

  1. I: used to refer to the speaker or writer

I am sorry, I cannot help you.

  1. Include: to contain something as part of a larger whole

The price includes breakfast and dinner.

  1. Increase: to become greater in number, amount, or degree

The temperature is increasing.

  1. Indicate: to show

Can you indicate where the exit is, please?

  1. Influence: the power to make someone do or think something that they would not normally do or think

His influence on me was great.

  1. Insist: to say firmly that something is true or must happen

She insisted that she was right.

  1. Join: to become a member of something

Can I join your club, please?

  1. Joke: something that you say or do to make people laugh

I made a joke and everybody laughed.

  1. Keep: to continue doing something

Keep walking and you will find the way.

  1. Know: to be certain about something

I know that he is lying.

  1. Lead: to go in front of someone or something

Can you lead the way, please? I don’t know the way.

  1. Mention: to talk about someone or something briefly

I didn’t mention his name.

  1. Nod: to move your head up and down to show that you agree with someone or are listening to them

He nodded his head to indicate that he agreed with me.

  1. Note: to write something down so that you will remember it

Please note my phone number.

  1. Obey: to do what you are told to do

Children must obey their parents.

  1. Pardon: to say that you are sorry for something that you have done wrong

Pardon me, I didn’t mean to disturb you.

  1. Quote: to repeat something that someone else has said

Can you quote me a price, please?

  1. Recommend: to say that someone or something is good and worth trying or having

I recommend this restaurant. The food is great.

  1. Settle: to live in a place permanently

We want to settle in this town.

  1. Tidy: to put things in order

Can you tidy your room, please? It’s a mess.

  1. Unexpected: not expected

It was an unexpected surprise.

  1. Visit: to go to see someone or something

Can I visit you tomorrow, please?

  1. Volunteer: to offer to do something without being asked or paid

I volunteer to help you.

  1. Wait: to stay where you are until someone arrives or something happens

Can you wait for me, please? I will be back soon.

  1. Welcome: to greet someone when they arrive

Welcome to our home.

1000+ Basic English Words For Beginners and Meaning

Word Meaning/Synonym
Abandon  Desert
Beginning  Start
Confess  Admit
Accurate  Correct
Broad  Wide, Expansive
Congested  Overcrowded
Aid  Assist
Cease  Stop,
Constantly  Always
Abundant  Ample
Brief  Short
Confuse  Muddle
Ability  Aptitude
Bottom  Base
Conflict  Oppose
Approve  Ratify, Endorse
Complex  Complicated
Cozy  Comfortable
Bashful  Shy
Concur  Agree
Advocate  Support
Calm  Quiet
Conscious  Aware
Awkward  Clumsy
Complex  Intricate
Cry  Sob
Afraid  Scared
Care  Concern
Conservative  Cautious
Achieve  Accomplish
Busy  Active
Connect  Join
Able  Qualified
Brave  Heroic
Conflict  Fight
After  Following
Capture  Arrest
Consecutive  Successive
Aggressive  Militant
Careful  Watchful
Considerate  Thoughtful
Beautiful  Pretty,
Condemn  , Denounce
Abbreviate  Shorten
Blend  Mix
Confine  Contain
Amateur  Novice
Charming  Enchanting
Contented  Satisfied
Ambitious  Driven
Chilly  Cool
Continue  Persevere
Apparent  Obvious, Evident
Comical  Amusing
Convenient  Handy
Antagonize  Embitter
Chubby  Plump
Convalesce  Heal
Above  Overhead
Break  Burst
Conform  Comply
Adjourn  Recess
Buy  Purchase
Conscientious  Scrupulous
Arrogant  Stuck-Up
Comprehend  Grasp
Crazy  Daft
Always  Forever
Certain  Positive
Contaminate  Pollute
Arrive  Come
Competent  Capable
Cranky  Irritable
Barren  Unproductive
Concrete  Real
Before  Prior
Condense  Compress
Awful  Atrocious
Complete  Conclude
Cruel  Mean
Ban  Prohibit
Compress  Crush
Dally  Linger


Word Meaning/Synonym
Damage  Hurt
Early  Beforetime
Feasible  Possible
Genuine  Authentic
Decay  Rot
Enemy  Opponent
Fix  Mend
Good  Nice
Dense  Thick
Exhilarated  Elated
Frenzy  Fury
Dead  Lifeless
Encourage  Urge
Fill  Load
Glorious  Splendid,
Daring  Bold
Eccentric  Unusual
Ferocious  Fierce
Give  Donate, Present
Different  Distinct
Face  Confront
Full  Packed
Dubious  Doubtful
Fat  Chubby
Gaunt  Scrawny
Defy  Resist
Evident  Apparent
Forgive  Pardon
Handy  Useful
Drastic  Severe
Fancy  Ornate
Gallant  Chivalrous
Demolish  Destroy
Exceptional  Outstanding
Fraction  Part
Deduct  Subtract
Enjoy  Like
Follow  Succeed
Gratitude  Thankfulness
Dark  Dismal
Ecstasy  Elation
Fertile  Fruitful
Glad  Happy
Delicate  Fragile
Evil  Bad
Former  Previous
Denounce  Blame
Excite  Arouse,
Frank  Candid
Dull  Blunt
Fatal  Deadly
Generous  Giving
Dangerous  Perilous
Easy  Simple
Feeble  Weak
Gigantic  Immense
Detach  Separate
Exquisite  Delightful
Friend  Comrade
Deter  Hinder, Prevent
Exterior  Outside
Frigid  Freezing
Die  Expire, Perish
Fabulous  Marvelous
Front  Fore
Determined  Sure
Extravagant  Luxurious
Frivolous  Trivial
Dawn  Daybreak
Empty  Unload
Fiction  Fantasy
Gloomy  Dark
Defend  Protect
Enlarge  Expand
Forbid  Prohibit
Great  Outstanding
Dilute  Weaken
Fake  Artificial
Future  Coming
Depart  Leave, Exit
Explicit  Exact
Fresh  Unused
Difficult  Hard
Fair  Honest
Furious  Enraged
Dry  Arid, Parched
Fast  Rapid
Gaudy  Showy
Dumb  Dense
Fatigue  Tire
Gentle  Mild
Drab  Dull
False  Incorrect
Gain  Acquire
Dreadful  Terrible
Fantastic  Outrageous
Gather  Accumulate


Word Meaning/Synonym
Hard  Firm
Jubilant  Overjoyed
Mobile  Moveable
Hospitable  Welcoming
Least  Fewest
Morose  Moody
Ignorant  Uninformed
Lure  Attract
Nervous  Flustered
Honest  Sincere
Last  Final
Morbid  Ghastly
Help  Aid
Kind  Considerate
Momentous  Important
Imperative  Mandatory
Meager  Scanty
Numerous  Abundant
Intermittent  Sporadic
Mirth  Merriment
Odd  Peculiar
Humble  Modest
Listless  Lethargic
Independent  Self-Reliant
Migrant  Drifting
Observe  Examine
Identical  Alike
Long  Lengthy
Neat  Clean
Hostile  Antagonistic
Legible  Readable
Mourn  Lament
High  Lofty
Lament  Mourn
Monotonous  Boring
Humiliate  Embarrass
Logical  Sensible
Naughty  Wrong
Idle  Inactive
Loose  Slack, Limp
Negligent  Derelict
Internal  Inner
Mischievous  Naughty
Hate  Loathe
Keep  Save
Moderate  Temperate
Immature  Inexperienced
Magnify  Expand
New  Unused
Immune  Resistant
Mandatory  Required
Nice  Pleasing
Impatient  Eager
Maximum  Greatest
Normal  Ordinary
Impartial  Neutral
Maneuver  Manipulate
Nonchalant  Indifferent
Hold  Grip
Large  Big
Moral  Righteous
Huge  Vast
Lenient  Lax
Mysterious  Occult
Impetuous  Impulsive
Mediocre  Fair
Oblivious  Dazed
Immaculate  Pure
Luxurious  Extravagant
Neutral  Impartial
Imperfect  Marred
Mean  Unkind
Obey  Mind
Infuriate  Enrage
Minor  Lesser
Obstinate  Stubborn
Jolly  Merry
Misfortune  Hardship
Important  Significant
Mend  Repair
Obnoxious  Abominable
Inferior  Lesser
Militant  Combative
Obsolete  Dated


Word Meaning/Synonym
Offend  Displease
Premature  Early, Hasty
Regular  Routine
Sociable  Friendly
Optional  Elective
Probable  Liable
Resist  Oppose
Stimulate  Motivate
Patience  Tolerance
Proud  Elated
Same  Alike
Successful  Thriving
Optimistic  Confident
Prevent  Prohibit
Repulsive  Hideous
Stationary  Fixed
Opaque  Obscure
Preserve  Uphold
Relevant  Pertinent
Special  Exceptional
Plausible  Believable
Racket  Noise
Separate  Divide
Precarious  Dangerous
Recreation  Amusement
Sluggish  Listless
Outstanding  Distinguished
Prohibit  Forbid
Risky  Hazardous
Strict  Stringent
Poor  Destitute
Rational  Logical
Shy  Timid
Passive  Compliant
Prompt  Punctual
Rude  Impolite
Stupid  Unintelligent
Ordinary  Average
Proficient  Adept
Retaliate  Avenge
Stop  Quit
Open  Begin
Pretty  Lovely
Reluctant  Unwilling
Spontaneous  Instinctive
Painstaking  Precise
Prominent  Eminent
Rowdy  Boisterous
Strong  Powerful
Past  Former
Prosperous  Successful
Sad  Unhappy
Subsequent  Following
Precious  Cherished
Reduce  Decrease
Small  Little
Ominous  Menacing
Premeditated  Intended
Regulate  Oversee
Sorrow  Woe
Perfect  Flawless
Qualified  Competent
Save  Preserve
Permanent  Enduring
Question  Interrogate
Scarce  Scanty
Persuade  Convince
Quit  Cease
Seize  Apprehend
Perpetual  Eternal
Quiet  Silent
Scrawny  Skinny
Opponent  Rival
Prevalent  Widespread
Remote  Secluded
Stable  Steady
Outrageous  Shocking
Profit  Gain
Reveal  Disclose
Strenuous  Vigorous
Pliable  Supple
Raise  Hoist
Serious  Grave
Peculiar  Weird
Push  Shove, Propel
Savage  Uncivilized
Sufficient  Ample
Plentiful  Ample
Radiant  Luminous
Serene  Peaceful
Possible  Conceivable
Raze  Destroy
Slim  Thin
Prejudiced  Opinionated
Refute  Contradict
Smooth  Slick
Polite  Gracious
Ratify  Approve
Shrewd  Cunning
Portion  Part
Ravage  Devastate
Sick  Ailing


Word Meaning/Synonym
Superb  Magnificent
Weary  Tired, Fatigued
Tangible  Concrete
Worn  Used
Total  Whole, Entire
Tall  High
Wonderful  Marvelous
Surplus  Excess
Wild  Uncivilized
Urgent  Crucial
Virtuous  Righteous
Terrible  Dreadful
Zenith  Peak, Pinnacle
Vibrate  Quiver, Tremble
Thrifty  Economical
Taut  Tense,  Tight,  Stiff
Wrong  Mistaken
Swift  Fast,  Speedy,  Hasty
Win  Triumph, Prevail
Thaw  Melt, Defrost
Thrive  Prosper
Vulgar  Offensive, Uncouth
Suppress  Restrain
Wholehearted  Earnest
Turbulent  Tumultuous
Turmoil  Commotion
Upset  Perturb, Ruffle
Unbiased  Impartial
Synthetic  Artificial
Wise  Knowing, Smart
Tender  Delicate
Yield  Produce
Vague  Unclear
Trivial  Insignificant
Vacant  Unoccupied
Victory  Triumph, Win
Wealth  Riches, Prosperity
Valiant  Courageous
Vicious  Malicious


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