20 Antonyms With Their Sentences

20 Antonyms With Their Sentences! Assuming you would like a list of 20 antonyms with sentences:

20 Antonyms With Their Sentences

20 Antonyms With Their Sentences

  1. Big-small

“He was a big man, easily twice my size.”

  1. Rich-poor

“She was born into a rich family, but she married a poor man.”

  1. Happy-sad

“I was happy to see her, but she looked sad.”

  1. Love-hate

“I love spending time with my family, but I hate going to work.”

  1. Fast-slow

“You need to go faster or we’ll never get there on time!”

  1. Young-old

“When I look at my grandfather, I feel so old.”

  1. Better-worse

“I’m feeling better today, but yesterday was worse.”

  1. New-old

“This car is new, but that one is old.”

  1. Fat-thin

“She’s always been thin, but she’s gotten fat since she had her baby.”

  1. Loud-quiet

“Please be quiet! I’m trying to concentrate.”

  1. Soft-hard

“This pillow is too soft – I need something harder.”

  1. Push-pull 

“Can you help me push this couch out of the way?” “Sure, just pull it towards you first.”

  1. In front of-behind         

“Can you see the theory in front of your face?” “No, it’s behind me.””

  1. Light-dark                                                        

“The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes.” “It’s getting dark outside, we should go inside soon.””

  1. Left-right                                                         

“Turn left at the next corner.””Take a right turn when you see the sign for the grocery store.””

  1. Up-down

“”The airplane is up in the air.””Please pick up your trash and put it in the bin.””

  1. Near-far

“”He’s standing near the front of the room.

“”That mountain looks far away, doesn’t it?”

  1. Hot-cold

“”It’s hot today, isn’t it?”

  1. Level off (become level)-dip

“”After a few years of decline, home prices have begun to level off.

“”The road dips down here, so watch your speed.””

20 Open-closed

“”Is the door open or closed?”

“It was open when I came in, but now it looks like it’s closed.”


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