20 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

20 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense! The past perfect continuous tense is used to describe an action that was happening in the past before another action in the past. This tense is formed by using Had been + verb-ing. The following are 20 examples of the past perfect continuous tense.

20 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

20 Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

1- I Had been studying French for two years before I went to Paris.

2- She Had been jogging for an hour before she ran out of energy.

3- They Had been painting the house for days before they finally finished.

4- We Had been planning the party for weeks before it finally happened.

5- I Had been working on that project for months before it was due.

6- He Had been practicing the piano for hours before his recital.

7- She Had been writing her novel for years before it was published.

8- We Had been training for the marathon for months before we ran it.

9- I Had been studying for the test for weeks before I took it.

10- She Had been saving up for a new car for years before she bought one.

11- They Had been working on their garden for months before it was finished.

12- We Had been preparing for the trip for weeks before we finally left.

13- I Had been waiting for her to call me for days before she finally did.

14- She Had been wanting to see that movie for months before she saw it.

15- They Had been hoping to go on vacation for years before they finally went.

16- We Had been trying to get tickets to that concert for months before we finally got some.

17- I Had been working out for months before I saw any results.

18- She Had been studying hard for her exams for weeks before she took them.

19- They Had been looking for a new house for months before they finally found one.

20- We Had been saving up our money for years before we finally Had enough to buy a house.


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