20 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

The present indefinite tense is one of the most commonly used verb tenses in English. It is used to describe habits,general truths, and current situations. The present indefinite tense is formed by using the base form of the verb (the infinitive without “to”) and adding the correct ending for the subject.

To make a sentence in the present indefinite tense, we simply need to add an -s to the end of regular verbs in the present tense. For example, “He eats lunch at noon.” becomes “He eats lunch at noon.” We do this for all third-person singular subjects in the present tense (he, she, it).

Here are 20 examples of present indefinite tense:

20 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

20 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

1- I read a lot of books.

2- You like to play video games.

3- She loves to sing.

4- I work in a bank.

5- She likes chocolate cake.

6- They live in New York.

7- He likes to play the guitar.

8- It snows a lot in winter.

9- We travel around the world.

10- You have a good job.

11- They work hard.

12- She loves him a lot.

13- I eat lunch at noon.

14- It rains a lot in summer.

15- You write very fast.

16- I learn English at school.

17- They watch TV every night.

18- He lives in Paris.

19- We spend a lot of money on vacations.

20- She likes to play tennis.

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