20 Funny Ways To Say Getting Married

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! Here are 20 funny ways to say getting married that will make your wedding even more special. From saying “I do” to cutting the cake, these phrases are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to start jotting down some of these hilarious words of wisdom.

Funny Ways To Say Getting Married

Funny Ways To Say Getting Married

  1. “I do” – The most popular and classic way to say getting married.
  2. “Tying the knot” – Another timeless phrase for getting hitched.
  3. “Walking down the aisle” – A traditional way to say you’re getting married in a church or other formal setting.
  4. “Getting hitched” – A slang way to say getting married.
  5. “Tying the tin can to the back of the car” – An old saying that means you’re finally getting hitched.
  6. ” eloping” – To run off and get married without telling anyone, usually in a secret or impromptu ceremony.
  7. “Jumping the broom” – A tradition often used in African-American weddings, where the couple jumps over a broomstick to symbolize their new life together.
  8. “Saying ‘I Do'” – Another popular way to say getting married.
  9. “Exchanging vows” – The moment during the wedding ceremony when the couple says their vows to each other.
  10. “Slipping a ring on it” – A phrase often used when the groom slips the wedding ring on the bride’s finger.
  11. “Tying the thong” – A play on words, this term is used in reference to the G-string bikini bottom (thong) and means getting married.
  12. “Pronouncing you husband and wife” – What the officiant says during the wedding ceremony after the couple has exchanged vows.
  13. “Signing the marriage license” – The final step in getting married, where both parties sign the legal document making their marriage official.
  14. “Getting leg-shackled” – A humorous way to say getting married, often used by people who are against the institution of marriage.
  15. “Tying the not” – Another play on words, this one referencing the knot that is tied in a rope.
  16. “Saying ‘I will'” – What the bride and groom say during the wedding ceremony when they are asked if they will take each other as husband and wife.
  17. “Exchanging rings” – The moment during the wedding ceremony when the bride and groom exchange rings.
  18. “Kissing the bride” – The traditional end to a wedding ceremony, where the groom kisses his new wife.
  19. “Happily ever after” – The phrase often used to describe a couple’s life together after they get married.
  20. “And they lived happily ever after” – The phrase used to end fairy tales, often signifying that the protagonists will live happily ever after.


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