20 Funny Ways To Say Good Job

We’ve all heard it before, good job! But what do you say when you want to congratulate someone in a more funny way? Here are 20 funny ways to say good job! From silly to clever, there’s something for everyone.

So the next time you want to congratulate someone, try one of these expressions and see how they react!

20 Funny Ways To Say Good Job

Funny Ways To Say Good Job

  1. “That’s one way to do it!”
  2. “I like your style!”
  3. “Nice going! Keep it up!”
  4. “Well done! You nailed it!”
  5. “You are on fire!”
  6. “You’re killing it!”
  7. “You’re on a roll!”
  8. “Way to go! Keep up the good work!”
  9. “That’s the spirit! Never give up!”
  10. “I knew you could do it!”
  11. “That was a close one! Good thing you made it!”
  12. “Phew, you did it! You are amazing!”
  13. “You are one tough cookie!”
  14. “Wow, I am impressed! Good job!”
  15. “You are something else!”
  16. “That was quite a performance! Good job!”
  17. “You are one in a million!”
  18. “You are a force to be reckoned with!”
  19. “You are one tough cookie!”
  20. “You are one amazing person!”


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