20 Gerund and Infinitive Examples Pdf

20 Gerund and Infinitive Examples Pdf! Gerunds and infinitives are two important types of verbal phrases in English grammar. A gerund is a verb form that ends in -ing and functions as a noun, while an infinitive is a verb form that begins with to and functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb. Here are 20 examples of gerunds and infinitives:

20 Gerund and Infinitive Examples Pdf

20 Gerund and Infinitive Examples

  1. Apples are my favorite fruit to eat. (Infinitive as direct object)
  2. He likes playing video games. (Gerund as subject)
  3. Swimming is good exercise. (Gerund as predicate nominative)
  4. Are you going to stay home or go out tonight? (Infinitive as an adjective)
  5. My mom likes to cook. (Infinitive as an adverb)
  6. He’s the best basketball player in the world. (Gerund as complement)
  7. Her dream is to become a doctor. (Infinitive as direct object)
  8. It’s time for us to leave. (Infinitive as predicate verb)
  9. I’m happy about winning the game. (Gerund as complement)
  10. That was a really fun party! (Gerund as direct object)
  11. Do you mind my smoking here? (Infinitive as subject)
  12. He suggested going out for pizza tonight. (Infinitive as direct object)
  13. After eating too much dessert, she felt sick. (Gerund as direct object)
  14. They decided not to go on the trip. (Infinitive as adjective)
  15. We need to get more sleep! (Infinitive as adverb)
  16. She likes helping others. (Gerund as direct object)
  17. He doesn’t like studying for exams. (Gerund as subject)
  18. To err is human; to forgive, divine. (Infinitive used absolutely)
  19. That was the reason for his leaving early. (Gerund used absolutely)
  20. We have many things yet to do. (Infinitive as adverb)

These are just some examples of how gerunds and infinitives can be used in English sentences. There are many more uses for these verb forms, so be sure to study them carefully!


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