20 Homonyms Examples with Sentences and Meaning Pdf

20 Homonyms Examples with Sentences and Meaning Pdf! A homonym is a word that has the same pronunciation as another word but has a different meaning. Homonyms can be pronounced the same (homophones), or they can be spelled the same (homographs). Examples of homonyms are listed below.

One type of homonym is a homophone. Homophones are words that are pronounced in the same way as other words but have different meanings, even if they are spelt differently. For example:

“I have a pair of socks.” and “You must pare the apple.”

In this sentence, the word “pare” is a homophone for “pair”. Another example is:

“She ate eight eights today.” Here, the word “eight” is both a number and part of speech.

20 Homonyms Examples with Sentences and Meaning Pdf

20 Homonyms Examples with Sentences and Meaning

Here are 20 examples of homonyms with sentences to help you understand their meaning.


Band – The band played all night long.

Banned – The use of plastic bags has been banned.


Bat – He hit the ball with a bat.

Bat – Flying mammals that are active at night.


Brake – I hit the brake and stopped the car.

Break – He is on break from work.


Can – Can you please help me?

Can – Tin can


Cell – He was in cell for three days.

Sell – They are selling their house.


Cool – The air was cool and refreshing.

School – He goes to school every day.


Dear – Dear me! I have lost my key.

Deer – The deer ran into the forest.


Die – He will die if he doesn’t get help.

Dye – I am going to dye my hair.


Fairy – The fairy gave me a gift.

Ferry – We took the ferry across the river.


Fly – A fly was buzzing around the room.

Fly – To travel by airplane.


Hear – I can hear someone crying.

Here – Here is your book.


I – I am going to the store.

Eye – The eye is the organ of sight.


Knot – Tie the rope in a knot.

Not – He is not going to the party.


Know – Do you know the answer?

No – No, I don’t know.


Lead – Lead me to the exit, please.

Lead – A metallic element.


Lesson – I have a lesson at four o’clock.

Lesson – What did you learn from that experience?


Made – She made a cake for her birthday.

Maid – The maid cleaned the room.


Meat – I don’t eat meat.

Meet – We are going to meet at the park.


Peace – There was peace after the war.

Piece – I need a piece of paper.


Read – Please read this book.

Red – The red apple was very juicy.

I hope these examples help you understand the concept of homonyms better. If you can think of any more, please add them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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