20 Main Clause Examples with Answers

20 Main Clause Examples with Answers! The main clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb. A main clause can stand alone as a complete sentence.

A main clause, also known as an independent clause, is a type of clause that contains a subject and a predicate and expresses a complete thought. It is called “main” because it can stand alone as a sentence, unlike a dependent clause, which cannot.

A main clause must have both a subject and a verb, and it must express a complete thought. It can be a simple sentence consisting of just one clause, or it can be a compound or complex sentence containing multiple clauses.

In the examples provided, the main clause is part of the sentence that expresses the complete thought and can stand alone as a sentence. It is always an independent clause, as it can function as a sentence on its own.

Study Types of Clauses for more explanation on clauses and their types.

Here are 20 examples of main clauses with answers.

Main Clause Examples with Answers

Note: The main clause is in quotation marks/bold.

  1. “The sun rose over the mountains,” casting a golden light on the valley below.
  2. “The baby cried all night,” keeping the exhausted parents awake.
  3. “The waves crashed against the shore,” creating a soothing sound.
  4. “The flowers bloomed in the spring,” filling the air with their sweet fragrance.
  5. “The city was bustling with activity,” as people hurried to and fro.
  6. “The book was filled with colorful illustrations,” bringing the story to life.
  7. “The storm clouds gathered on the horizon,” signaling an approaching thunderstorm.
  8. “The airplane soared through the clouds,” offering breathtaking views of the landscape below.
  9. “The music played softly in the background,” setting a relaxing atmosphere.
  10. “The dog barked loudly,” alerting its owner to the approaching stranger.
  11. “The clock ticked away the seconds,” marking the passage of time.
  12. “The smell of fresh bread wafted through the bakery,” tempting customers to come inside.
  13. “The room was dimly lit,” creating a mysterious ambiance.
  14. “The river flowed gently,” reflecting the surrounding trees and sky.
  15. “The streetlights flickered on as the sun set,” illuminating the city streets.
  16. “The crowd cheered loudly,” celebrating the home team’s victory.
  17. “The building towered over the skyline,” an impressive feat of architecture.
  18. “The snowflakes fell softly,” covering the ground in a blanket of white.
  19. “The painting depicted a serene landscape,” transporting the viewer to another world.
  20. “The fire crackled in the fireplace,” warming the chilly room.

20 Main Clause Examples

20 Main Clause Examples

Below 20 sentences are exactly the main clauses.

  1. I am going to the store.
  2. She is singing a song.
  3. They are watching TV.
  4. We were eating dinner.
  5. He has two dogs.
  6. Do you like ice cream?
  7. Has she finished her homework?
  8. Are you coming to the party?
  9. I will be there at nine o’clock sharp!
  10. This is my favorite book ever!
  11. I cannot believe that it is already summertime!
  12. My little sister is so cute!
  13. We should go on a vacation soon!
  14. I am so excited about the weekend!
  15. It is raining outside.
  16. The sun is shining brightly.
  17. There is a storm brewing.
  18. An earthquake just hit!
  19. A tornado is headed our way!
  20. We are under a hurricane watch.

20 Main Clause Examples with Answers


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