20 Sentences in Present Indefinite Tense (Negative Sentences)

Negative Sentences in the Present Indefinite Tense always have a word like “not” or “never” somewhere in them. For example: “I am NOT going to the party.” Here are some more examples of Negative Sentences in the Present Indefinite Tense:

  • “You are never going to believe what happened to me today!”
  • “I’m not really in the mood for a party tonight.”
  • “They aren’t going to like this new movie very much, I don’t think.

20 Present Indefinite Tense Examples Negative Sentences

20 Present Indefinite Tense Examples (Negative Sentences)

1- You don’t live in New York.

2- He doesn’t like classical music.

3- They don’t speak French fluently.

4- We don’t drink water every day.

5- I don’t work in a bank.

6- You don’t love chocolate ice cream.

7- She doesn’t watch TV every night.

8- It doesn’t rain a lot in Seattle.

9- We don’t eat out often.

10- You don’t read the newspaper every morning.

11- He doesn’t drive to work.

12- They don’t walk to school.

13- We don’t live in big cities.

14- You don’t go to the movies often.

15- She doesn’t take the bus to work.

16- It doesn’t snow a lot in Buffalo.

17- We don’t play tennis on weekends.

18- You don’t visit your grandparents every month.

19- He doesn’t take a vacation every year.

20- They don’t go to bed early.

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