20 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense (Interrogative Sentences)

20 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense (Interrogative Sentences)! The past perfect tense is used to describe an event that happened before another event in the past. It is often used to ask questions about events that happened in the past.

Here are 20 examples of interrogative sentences in the past perfect tense:

20 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense Interrogative Sentences

20 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense (Interrogative Sentences)

1- Had you ever been to Paris before you moved there?

2- Had they finished painting the house before the storm hit?

3- Had you eaten breakfast before you left for school?

4- Had she gone out with her friends before she came home?

5- Had he read the book before he saw the movie?

6- Had we done our homework before we watched TV?

7- Had they taken a bath before they went to bed?

8- Had it snowed yesterday evening when you arrived home from work?

9- Had I spoken to her before I saw her at the party?

10-Had you put away your laundry before your friends came over?

11-We Had tidied up the house before our guests arrived, hadn’t we?

12-She Had made dinner before her husband got home from work, hadn’t she?

13-They Had gone out for a walk before it started raining, hadn’t they?

14-We Had left the party before midnight, hadn’t we?

15-You Had washed your hair before you went to bed last night, hadn’t you?

16-I Had put my books away before I did my homework, hadn’t I?

17-They Had finished their work before they went home, hadn’t they?

18-We Had locked the door before we went to bed, hadn’t we?

19-You Had checked your email before you went to sleep, hadn’t you?

20-I Had turned off all the lights before I left the house, hadn’t I?


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