20 Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense (Interrogative Sentences)

Interrogative Sentences in Present Indefinite Tense! Do you know how to use interrogative sentences in present indefinite tense? An interrogative sentence is a question, and there are four main types: yes/no questions, alternative questions, tag questions, and wh-questions. Each type of question has a different structure.

Yes/No Questions: To form a yes/no question in present indefinite tense, we simply need to add the auxiliary verb do before the subject. For example, the statement “You play tennis” becomes the question “Do you play tennis?” We can also use does for third person singular subjects. For example, the statement “She plays tennis” becomes “Does she play tennis?” If there is more than one subject, we need to use do or does depending on the first subject.

20 Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense Interrogative Sentences

20 Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense (Interrogative Sentences)

1- Do you live in New York?

2- Does he like classical music?

3- Do they speak French fluently?

4- Do we drink water every day?

5- Do I work in a bank?

6- Do you love chocolate ice cream?

7- Does she watch TV every night?

8- Does it rain a lot in Seattle?

9- Do we eat out often?

10- Do you read the newspaper every morning?

11- Does he drive to work?

12- Do they walk to school?

13- Do we live in big cities?

14- Do you go to the movies often?

15- Does she take the bus to work?

16- Does it snow a lot in Buffalo?

17- Do we play tennis on weekends?

18- Do you visit your grandparents every month?

19- Does he take a vacation every year?

20- Do they go to bed early?


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