30 Difficult Homophones with Meanings

30 Difficult Homophones with Meanings

There are so many homophones in the English language, and they can be so confusing! In this blog post, we’re going to look at 30 difficult homophones with their meanings. It can be tough to remember all of them, but it’s definitely worth the effort – especially when you want to avoid any confusion in your writing! So let’s get started!

30 Difficult Homophones with Meanings

30 Difficult Homophones with Meanings

1) Accept – to receive or take something

Except – excluding


2) Advice – a recommendation

Advise – to recommend


3) Affect – to influence

The cold weather will affect your skin.

Effect – the result of an action


4) All ready – completely prepared

Already – by this time; previously


5) All together – in a group

Altogether – completely


6) Allude – to hint at something

Elude – to avoid or escape from


7) Appraise – to estimate the value of something

Apprise – to inform someone about something


8) Ad an advertisement

Add  – to sum up


9) Breath – air that is exhaled

Breathe – to inhale and exhale air


10) Capital – relating to money, or a city that is the seat of government for a country

Capitol – a building in which a state legislature meets


11) Compliment – to say something nice about someone

Complement – something that completes or enhances something else


12) Council – a group of people who are elected to govern a town or city

Counsel – advice, or a lawyer who gives it


13) Damn – to condemn someone or something

Damp – slightly wet, or to make something slightly wet


14) Desert – a hot, dry area with very little vegetation

Dessert – the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal


15) Device – an object that has been invented for a specific purpose

Deceive – to trick someone


16) Dual – relating to two things

Duel – a pre-arranged fight between two people, often to the death!


17) Farther – at a greater distance

Further – at a greater degree or amount


18) Flair – natural ability or style

Flare – to burst into flames


19) Flower – the reproductive part of a plant that contains the plant’s seeds

Flour – a powder made from grinding wheat, used in baking


20) Grate – to reduce something into small pieces by rubbing it against a rough surface

Great – large in size, or very good


21) Hangar – a large shed where aircraft are stored

Hanger – a piece of wire or plastic with a hook at one end, used for hanging up clothes


22) Heal – to become healthy again

Heel – the back part of the foot below the ankle


23) Hear – to perceive sound

Here – in this place


24) Hoard – to collect and save something

Horde – a large group of people or animals


25) Hour – a unit of time equal to 60 minutes

Our – belonging to us


26) Idol – someone who is greatly admired and loved

Idle – doing nothing


27) Its – belonging to it

It’s – it is


28) Lead – a metal that is poisonous if eaten

Lead – to show the way


29) Lessen – to make something smaller in amount or degree

Lesson – a period of instruction


30) Lewd – involving sexual behavior that is considered to be offensive

Lude – an incorrect spelling of lewd!


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