50 Examples of Common Noun

50 Examples of Common Noun! When people think of nouns, they typically think of large and small words like chair, cat, and wall. But there are a lot more types of nouns out there. In this lesson, we’re going to explore some of the most common nouns in English.

Fifty examples of common nouns are listed below. Some of these nouns have multiple definitions, while others are just plain common. Some of these nouns are used in a specific context, while others can be used in any situation. Understanding the different uses of these nouns will help you to use them more effectively in your writing.

50 Examples of Common Noun

50 Examples of Common Noun

1- time

2- year

3- people

4- way

5- day

6- man

7- thing

8- information

9- work

10- government

11- number

  1. part
  2. company
  3. group
  4. problem
  5. fact
  6. kind
  7. head
  8. house
  9. service
  10. friend
  11. parent

23- child

24- week

25- research

26- game

27- moment

  1. industry
  2. level
  3. kind
  4. point
  5. type
  6. style

34- market

35- heat

36- snow

  1. rain
  2. city
  3. car
  4. driver
  5. power
  6. country

43- exam

44- movie

45- magazine

46- music

47- book

48- TV

49- internet

50- computer

50 Examples of Common Noun in Sentences

1- Time is passing slowly.

2- I haven’t seen her in a year.

3- Do you know those people?

4- There’s more than one way to do it.

5- We’ll do it another day.

6- The man is here.

7- What is that thing?

8- I need more information.

9- It’s time to get to work.

10- The government is corrupt.

11- I don’t know the number.

  1. Can I see the part?
  2. The company is doing well.
  3. They’re in a group.
  4. We have a problem.
  5. According to the fact, it’s true.
  6. What kind do you want?
  7. The head of the company is here.
  8. I’m going to clean the house.
  9. We offer a great service.
  10. He’s my friend from college.
  11. My parents are divorced.

23- My child is sick.

24- We have a meeting next week.

25- I’m going to do some research.

26- Do you want to play the game?

27- It was a moment I’ll never forget.

  1. The industry is booming.
  2. He’s at a higher level than me.
  3. There are different kinds of animals.
  4. It’s a good point.
  5. What type are you?
  6. I like your style.

34- The market is crashing.

35- It’s so hot today.

36- It’s snowing outside.

  1. It’s raining cats and dogs.
  2. New York is a big city.
  3. I love my new car.
  4. The driver is here.
  5. We need to conserve energy.
  6. America is a powerful country.

43- I’m going to take the exam tomorrow.

44- I saw a great movie last night.

45- Have you read the latest magazine?

46- I love listening to music.

47- I’m reading a book about history.

48- Let’s watch TV.

49- The internet is down.

50- I need to use the computer.


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