50 Examples of Prefixes

50 Examples of Prefixes! A prefix is a word element added to the beginning of a word to modify its meaning. The most common examples of prefixes are found in the English language. However, there are countless other examples from other languages as well. Here are just 50 of the most common prefixes:

50 Examples of Prefixes

50 Examples of Prefixes

Kilo: Kilowatt, Kilogram, Kilometer

Dia: Diagonal, Diameter

Micro: Micro-Economics, Micro-Scale

Sub: Subsection, Subway, Submarine

Equi: Equidistant, Equilateral

Extra: Extra-Bright, Extra-Strong

Retro: Retrogressive, Retrospective

Hyper: Hyperactive, Hypersensitive

De: Declassify, Destroy

Ex: Ex-President, Ex-Student

Inter: Interrelated, Interact

Anti: Anti-War, Anti-Bacterial

Macro: Macroeconomics, Macro-Scale

Bi: Bi-Monthly, Bilingual, Bisect

Mis: Misunderstanding, Mistake, Mistranslate

Over: Overheat, Overhead, Overlook, Overcook

Il, Im, In, Ir: Irrational, Indistinct, Illogical, Impossible

E: E-Governance, E-Book, E-Mail

Under: Undersea, Underpower, Underemployed

Non: Nonsense, Non-Believer, Non-Competitive

A: Atypical, Amoral, Apolitical

Extra: Extraordinary, Extra-Curricular, Extrasensory

Intra: Intra-Generational, Intramuscular

Dys: Dyslexia, Dysfunctional

Co: Co-Author, Co-Edit

Mid: Midway, Midsummer

Super: Superstar, Superpower, Supersonic

Eco: Eco-Tourism, Eco-Disaster

Post: Post-Independence, Post-Examination, Post-Modern

Fore: Forecast, Forelimb

Multi: Multicultural, Multi-Level

Well: Well-Designed, Well-Written. Well-Established

Auto: Auto-Dial, Auto-Rotate

Col, Com, Con: Connect, Collaborate, Combine

Mono: Mono-Centric, Monoculture

Neo: Neoclassical

In(M): Implant, Intake, Input, Import, Inset

Mal: Malfunction, Malpractice

Un: Unscrew, Unusual, Unusual, Unplug, Uncertain

Pre: Pre-Independence, Pre-War, Pre-Industrial, Preview

Contra, Counter: Counteract, Contraception, Counterclaim

Trans: Transit, Transport, Transcontinental, Transcribe

Quasi: Quasi-Academic, Quasi-Legal

Re: Return, Rename, Rediscover, Rejuvenate, Redefine

Pro: Proactive, Pro-Feminist, Pro-Liberal

Out: Outrage, Outburst, Outnumber, Outlive

Ante: Antecedent, Antedate

Ultra: Ultramodern, Ultra-Sensitive, Ultrasound

En(M): Encode, Embrace

Arch: Arch-Capitalist, Arch-Rebel

Dis: Disbelief, Distrust, Disagree, Disprove

Circum: Circumnavigate, Circumvent

Pseudo: Pseudo-Intellectual, Pseudo-Science

Semi: Semifinals, Semi-Precious, Semicircle, Semi-Organic

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