50 Formal Sentences in English

50 Formal Sentences in English! It is important to know how to write formal sentences in English in order to correctly communicate in a variety of settings. Formal English is different than other types of English because it is more proper and polite.

There are certain rules that must be followed when writing formal sentences, such as using correct grammar and avoiding slang.

Some people may find it difficult to write formally, but with practice it can become easier.

50 Formal Sentences in English

50 Formal Sentences in English

Here are 50 examples of formal sentences in English that can be used in a variety of situations:

1- “I am sorry for being late.”

2- “Thank you for your help.”

3- “Could you please repeat what you said?”

4- “I do not understand what you mean.”

5- “I am sorry for not attending the meeting.”

6- “You have made a big mistake.”

7- “Can you please explain what you mean?”

8- “I apologize for interrupting you.”

9- “I do not see why it is so difficult to understand. ”

10- “I am sorry for causing you such inconvenience.”

11- “Are you sure you have understood me correctly?”

12- “I am glad that I have finally made it.”

13- “No, I do not agree with what you said.

14 – “No, I don’t think that is the case.”

15- “I do not agree with you that this is correct.”

16- “It’s a pity I was not able to go there.”

17- “Thank you for taking me there. ”

18- “I will not be able to attend the meeting.”

19- “I really appreciate your help in this matter.”

20- “It is very kind of you to help me.”

21- “I am sorry I was not able to go there.”

22- “Thank you for your offer, but I will not be able to take it.”

23- “I appreciate your help, but I cannot accept it.”

24- “Thank you for your time and effort.”

25- “Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me.”

26- “I really appreciate your help.”

27- “Thank you for your kindness and generosity.”

28- “Thank you so much for everything.”

29- “I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

30- “Thank you very much for all your help.”

31- “Thank you for being there for me.”

32- “I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”

33- “Thank you for being such a great friend.”

34- “Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it.”

35- “Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.”

37- “I’m sorry I can’t come to your party tomorrow.”

38- “Can you help me with this project?”

39- “Sorry I’m late, I had some trouble with my car.”

40- “I’m sorry I didn’t do my homework.”

41- “Sorry I broke your vase.”

42- “I’m sorry I was rude to you.”

43- “Can you please turn off your cell phone?”

44- “Can you help me carry this bag?”

45- “Can you help me with this project?”

46- “Can you please turn off your cell phone?”

47- “That’s okay, we’re just glad you made it.”

48- “That’s okay, just try to do it next time.”

49- “That’s okay, accidents happen.”

50- “It’s okay, I know you were just having a bad day.”

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