50 Gerund Noun Examples

50 Gerund Noun Examples! While it may seem like a mouthful, a gerund is simply a verb form that acts like a noun. The word “gerund” comes from the Latin verb gerundus, meaning “to bear.” In English, we form a gerund by adding “-ing” to the end of a verb (e.g., swimming, running, singing).

Gerunds can be used as the subject or object of a sentence, and they can also take modifiers and be moved around within a sentence just like any other noun.

For example, consider the following sentence: “I love swimming.” In this sentence, “swimming” is functioning as a noun; it is the subject of the sentence and the object of the preposition “I.” We could also say, “Swimming is my favorite activity,” in which case “swimming” would be the subject of the sentence.

As you can see, gerunds are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. So next time you’re stuck for a noun, try using a gerund instead!

50 Gerund Noun Examples

50 Gerund Noun Examples

1- Swimming

2- Running

3- Singing

4- Dancing

5- Cooking

6- Baking

7- Painting

8- Drawing

9- Sculpting

10- Acting

11- Writing

12- Typing

13- Reading

14- Studying

15- Researching

16- Traveling

17- Hiking

18- Camping

19- Boating

20- Fishing

21- Shopping

22- Playing

23- Eating

24- Drinking

25- Sleeping

26- Dreaming

27- Laughing

28- Crying

29- Working

30- commuting

31- Exercising

32- Jogging

33- Walking

34- Yoga

35- Pilates

36- Cycling

37- Rollerblading

38- Skating

39- Skiing

40- Snowboarding

41- Lifting weights

42- Tennis

43- Soccer

44- Football

45- Basketball

46- Baseball

47- Volleyball

48- Golf

49- Bowling

50- Billiards


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