50 Irregular Verbs V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Pdf

In this lesson, we will look at 50 common irregular verbs.

Not all English verbs follow a predictable pattern. In fact, there are dozens of irregular verbs that don’t follow the standard rules. This can make them difficult to learn, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to use them like a pro!

50 Irregular Verbs V1 V2 V3 V4 V5

50 Irregular Verbs List

Below is the list of irregular verbs in English.

  V1 V2 V3
1. lose  lost  lost
2. weep  wept  wept
3. bite  bit  bitten
4. swear  swore  sworn
5. broadcast  broadcast  broadcast
6. wear  wore  worn
7. shut  shut  shut
8. shine  shone  shone
9. ring  rang  rung
10. breed  bred  bred
11. wind  wound  wound
12. bid  bid  bid
13. spill  spilt  spilt
14. rid  rid  rid
15. seek  sought  sought
16. win  won  won
17. pay  paid  paid
18. give  gave  given
19. be  was, were  been
20. drive  drove  driven
21. forget  forgot  forgotten
22. ride  rode  ridden
23. sling  slung  slung
24. fly  flew  flown
25. buy  bought  bought
26. get  got  got
27. draw  drew  drawn
28. be  was, were  been
29. bet  bet  bet
30. bear  bore  borne
31. bleed  bled  bled
32. prove  proved  proved
33. spread  spread  spread
34. throw  threw  thrown
35. cast  cast  cast
36. bend  bent  bent
37. uphold  upheld  upheld
38. awake  awoke  awoken
39. drink  drank  drunk
40. fall  fell  fallen
41. stand  stood  stood
42. freeze  froze  frozen
43. wring  wrung  wrung
44. withhold  withheld  withheld
45. stride  strode  stridden
46. become  became  become
47. overdo  overdid  overdone
48. go  went  gone
49. slay  slew  slayed
50. bet  bet  bet


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