50 Present Continuous Tense Examples (Positive, Negative, Interrogative)

50 Present Continuous Tense Examples (Positive, Negative, Interrogative)! The present continuous tense is one of the most commonly used verb tenses in English. It is used to describe actions that are happening at the moment or are continuous. The present continuous tense is made up of two parts: the present tense of the verb “to be” (am, is, or are) + the present participle of the main verb (the form of the verb that ends in -ing). To make a sentence negative, we add “not” after “ am,” “is,” or “are.” For questions, we swap the subject and auxiliaries around.

Here are 50 examples of the present continuous tense:

50 Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples Positive Negative Interrogative

50 Present Continuous Tense Examples (Positive, Negative, Interrogative)

1- I am studying English.

2- She is cooking dinner.

3- They are watching TV.

4- We are waiting for the bus.

5- You are being very quiet.

6- It is raining outside.

7- The sun is shining.

8- The wind is blowing.

9- Birds are singing.

10- Children are playing.

11 -I am not studying French.

12- She is not cooking breakfast.

13- They are not watching a movie.

14- We are not waiting for the train.

15- You are not being very talkative.

16- It is not snowing.

17- The sun is not shining.

18- The wind is not blowing.

19- Birds are not singing.

20- Children are not playing.

21- Am I studying Spanish?

22- Is she cooking lunch?

23- Are they watching a game?

24- Are we waiting for the plane?

25- Are you being quiet?

26- is it raining?

27- She is kicking the ball.

28- is the sun shining?

29- The wind is blowing leaves around.

30- Birds are flying in the sky.

31- The baby is crying.

32- He is reading a book.

33- She is writing a letter.

34- They are eating lunch.

35- We are drinking water.

36- You are walking quickly.

37- He is not kicking the ball.

38- The sun is not shining.

39- The wind is not blowing leaves around.

40- Birds are not flying in the sky.

41- Is the baby crying?

42- Is he reading a book?

43- Is she writing a letter?

44- Are they eating lunch?

45- Are we drinking water?

46- Are you walking quickly?

47- I am doing my homework.

48- You are making dinner.

49- We are going to the movies.

50- They are doing their laundry.


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