50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms

50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms! It’s no secret that the English language is vast and filled with a seemingly endless number of words. For native speakers, it can be easy to take for granted the many different ways to say things. But for those who are learning English, or even just expanding their vocabulary, understanding synonyms and antonyms is key.

Here are 50 words with both synonyms and antonyms to help you better understand how rich and diverse the English language is:

50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms

50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms





1 Close shut, fasten open
2 Waive relinquish, remove impose, clamp
3 Innocent guiltless, blameless guilty
4 Ravage destroy, ruin reconstruct, renovate
5 Invincible unconquerable, impregnable effeminate, languid
6 Candid blunt, bluff evasive
7 Hamstrung cripple debilitate strengthen, encourage
8 Gracious courteous, beneficent rude, unforgiving
9 Impatient eager, anxious, intolerant patient
10 Proficient skilled, adept, competent inefficient, inept
11 Confess admit, acknowledge deny
12 Absolve pardon, forgive compel, accuse
13 Frugality economy, providence lavishness, extravagance
14 Instill inculcate, inject eradicate, extract
15 Insolvent indigent, destitute wealthy, solvent
16 Magnify expand, enlarge, exaggerate reduce, minimize
17 Negligent careless, derelict, inattentive conscientious, careful
18 Comic clown, jester tragic, tragedian
19 Vague unclear, obscure, indistinct clear, definite
20 Derogatory sarcastic, critical laudatory, appreciative


21 Callous obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
22 Scrupulous meticulous, ethical, fastidious unethical, careless
23 Immunity prerogative, privilege blame, censure
24 Naughty bad, disobedient, wrong good, appropriate
25 Axiom adage, truism absurdity, blunder
26 Bleak grim, austere bright, pleasant
27 Feeble weak, frail strong, robust
28 Handy useful, convenient, skillful inconvenient, inept
29 Eloquence expression, fluency halting, stammering
30 Baffle astound, faze facilitate, clarify
31 Benign favorable, friendly malignant, cruel
32 Startled frightened, shocked waveringly
33 Synthetic man-made, artificial natural
34 Decipher interpret, reveal misinterpret, distort
35 Surplus excess, additional, extra lack, deficit
36 Polite gracious, refined, courteous rude, discourteous
37 Winsome beautiful, comely alluring, rapturous
38 Confirm comply, submit dissent, dispute
39 Indifferent equitable, haughty partial, biased
40 Special exceptional, notable, particular ordinary, usual


41 Scarce scanty, rare, sparse plentiful, abundant
42 Rational logical, level-headed, sensible irrational, crazy
43 Charming delightful, appealing, enchanting obnoxious, gross, vulgar
44 Camouflage cloak, disguise reveal
45 Vivid eloquent, lucid dull, dim
46 Succinct concise, terse lengthy, polite
47 Neutral impartial, unprejudiced prejudiced, partial
48 Damage hurt, impair, harm remedy, repair
49 Veteran ingenious, experienced novice, tyro
50 Jovial frolicsome, cheerful solemn, morose


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