A To Z Animal Sounds List

Do you know the sound a snake makes? What about a duck? Check out this A to Z Animal Sounds List to learn the different sounds that animals make. You might be surprised by some of the sounds on the list!

A To Z Animal Sounds List

A To Z Animal Sounds

  Animal Name Sound
A Alligator Growl
B  Bear Roar
C  Cat Meow
D  Dog Bark
E  Elephant Trumpet
F  Frog Croak
G  Goat Bleat
H  Horse Neigh
I  Iguana Grunts
J  Jackal Yelp
K  Kangaroo Grumble
L  Lion Roar
M  Monkey Chatter
N  Nightingale Warble
O  Owl Hoot
P  Pig Oink
Q  Quail Coo
R  Rooster Crow
S  Snake Hiss
T  Tiger Growl
U  Urchin Mew
V  Vulture Screech
W  Whale Squeak
X  X-ray Fish Bubble
Y  Yak Grunts
Z  Zebra Whinny

A to Z Sounds of Birds

Birds Name Bird Sounds
Blackbirds whistle
Birds twitter, whistle
Bats screech
Curlews pipe
Cuckoos coo
Crows caw
Cranes hiss, honk
Cocks crow
Cicadas sing
Chickens Cluck, cackle
Chaffinches chirp
Canaries sing
Doves coo
Ducks quack
Eagles scream
Egrets rick-rack
Flies buzz
Flamingos Mutter, grunt
Falcons chant
Grouses drums
Gooses cackle, honk
Hummingbirds chatter, squeal
Hens cackle, cluck
Hawks scream
Jays chatters
Kittens mew
Kites scream
Larks sing, warble
Magpies  chatters
Nightingales pipe, sing
Ostriches chirp, bark, hiss
Owls hoot, screech
Pigeons coo
Peewits pee-wit
Pea-fowls scream
Peacocks scream
Parrots talk, screech
Rooks caw
Robins chirr, chuckle
Redstarts whistles
Ravens croak
Swans cry
Swallows twitter
Sparrows chirp, twitter
Screech owls screech
Turkeys Cocks, gobble
Thrushes sing, whistle
Vultures scream
Whitethroats chirr
Wrens warble


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