A To Z British Slang 2023 | British Slang Sentence

A To Z British Slang 2023 | British Slang Sentence! Are you planning a trip to the United Kingdom? Or perhaps you’re just curious about the latest British slang. Either way, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide to British slang from A to Z.

So what’s included in this guide? We’ve compiled a list of popular British slang terms and their meanings, from “barmy” to “zombie”. We’ve also included a few example sentences so you can see how these words are used in context.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our A to Z of British slang.

A To Z British Slang

A To Z British Slang 2023

1- A Bit Much: Too much, excessive.

2- Ace: Great, terrific.

3- All To Pot: To go wrong, to fall apart.

4- Arse About Face: Backwards, the wrong way around.

5- Barmy: Crazy, insane.

6- Bee’s Knees: Excellent, great.

7- Bent: Corrupt, illegal.

8- Bighead: Conceited, egotistical.

9- Birds: Women, girls.

10- Blinding: Excellent, great.

11- Bollocks: Rubbish, nonsense.

12- Bondi: To fall asleep, to pass out drunk.

13- Brass Monkeys: Cold weather.

14- Brolly: Umbrella.

15- Brussel Sprouts: Bleeding hearts, do-gooders.

16- Butter Someone Up: To flatter someone.

17- Chat Up: To flirt with someone.

18- Cheeky: Disrespectful, impudent.

19- Chuffed: Pleased, satisfied.

20- Clanger: A mistake.

21- Cobblers: Rubbish, nonsense.

22- Cracking: Great, excellent.

23- Daft: Stupid, foolish.

24- Dig Out: To find something.

25- Dodgy: Suspicious, untrustworthy.

26- Dozy: Sleepy, drowsy.

27- Drongo: Idiot, fool.

28- Early Doors: Early on, early in the day.

29- Easy Peasy: Simple, straightforward.

30- Fortnight: Two weeks.

31- Fag End: The end of something, the last bit.

32- Fit: Attractive, sexually appealing.

33- Flog: To sell something.

34- Fruit Cake: Crazy, eccentric person.

35- Full Monty: The whole thing, the works.

36- Gander: A look, a glance.

37- Get Stuck In: To get started, to get going.

38- Give It A Bash: To give something a try.

39- Go Mental: To go crazy, to lose control.

40- Gobsmacked: astonished, surprised.

41- Gormless: Stupid, foolish.

42- Gutted: Disappointed, upset.

43- Half Inch: To flirt with someone.

44- Handbag: An argument, a fight (usually between women).

45- Harry Up: To hurry up, to hurry along.

46- Have A Butchers: To have a look, to take a look.

47- Hay Fever: To be hungover.

48- Holden Caulfield: To be crazy, to be insane.

49- Icy Pole: Ice cream.

50- Jack Jones: To relax, to take it easy.

51- Jam Roly Poly: A type of pudding.

52- Jiggery Pokery: Trickery, deception.

53- Jumper: Sweater.

54- Knackered: Tired, exhausted.

55- Kirking Off: To play truant, to skip school.

56- Lamp: To hit someone.

57- Legless: Drunk.

58- Lemon Squash: A type of drink.

59- Lipstick On A Pig: To make something look better than it is.

60- Little Nippers: Children.

61- Lurgy: A cold or flu.

62- Make A Bricks: To urinate.

63- Mickey Finn: A drink spiked with drugs or alcohol, designed to render the drinker unconscious.

64- Minted: Rich, wealthy.

65- Minging: Disgusting, vile.

66- Moggy: A cat.

67- Mutt’s Nuts: The best, the greatest.

68- Naff: Rubbish, terrible.

69- Neurotic: Anxious, stressed.

70- Nice One: Well done, good job.

71- Nick: To steal something.

72- Nonce: A sexual offender.

73- Off His Trolley: Crazy, insane.

74- On The Pull: Looking for sex, trying to pick someone up.

75- Paki: An offensive term for someone of Pakistani

76- Packed In Like Sardines: very crowded.

77- Pearl Necklace: ejaculating on a woman’s neck.

78- Peckish: hungry.

79- Pigging Out: eating a lot.

80- Pissed: drunk.

81- Pissed Off: angry.

82- Pisshead: someone who drinks a lot of alcohol.

83- Plastered: drunk.

84- Plonk: cheap wine.

85- Pollyfilla: newspaper used to start a fire.

86- Port Out, Starboard Home: rhyming slang for ‘horny’.

87- Posh: wealthy, upper class.

88- Pratt: idiot.

89- Pull: to pick someone up (romantically).

90- Punter: customer.

91- Pussyfooting Around: wasting time.

92- Queue Jumper: someone who jumps in front of others in a queue.

93- Right Royal Pain In The Arse: a pain that is very annoying.

94- Rings A Bell: sounds familiar.

95- Rinsed: to be completely emptied of money.

96- Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: taking from one person to give to another.

97-  Salty: angry or upset.

98- Savvy: knowing or understanding something.

99- Sussed: to know or understand something.

100- Taking the Michael: making fun of someone.

101- That’ll Be The Day!: I will never believe that!

102- The Dog’s Bollocks: something that is really good.

103- The Whole Nine Yards: everything that is needed.

104- Tickety-Boo: everything is good.

105- Tomfoolery: silly or stupid behaviour.

106- Uppy-Downy: a mess or something that is mixed up.

107- Waffle: to talk nonsense.

108- Wallop: a hit or punch.

109- Wee: small.

110- Wet Blanket: someone who ruins the fun.

111- Wool Gathering: daydreaming.

112- Wrap It Up!: stop talking, I’m bored!

113- Wrecked: very tired.

114- Yob: a rowdy or aggressive person.

115- Zonked: very tired.

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