Advanced Collocations List PDF

Advanced Collocations List PDF! In order to sound more like a native English speaker, it is important to use advanced collocations. A collocation is a word that is often used with a particular word. For example, the word “make” is often used with the word “progress.” This usage is called a collocation. Here are some other examples of common collocations:

Advanced Collocations List PDF

100 Advanced Collocations List

1- Stand up for (someone or something)

2- Put an end to (something)

3- Bring about (change)

4- Carry out (a plan)

5- Come up with (an idea)

6- Fill out (a form)

7- Get through (a difficult situation)

8- Give up (a habit)

9- Look after (someone or something)

10- Look forward to (something)

11- Make a difference (in something)

12- Pick up (a skill)

13- Point out (a problem)

14- Put forward (a suggestion)

15- Set up (a business)

16- Show off (something)

17- Sort out (a problem)

18- Take care of (someone or something)

19- Talk over (an issue)

20- Throw away (something)

21- Try out (a new experience)

22- Turn down (an offer)

23- Warm up to (someone or something)

24- Work out (a plan)

25- Worry about (something)

26- Aim for (something)

27- Apply for (a job)

28- Argue about/over (something)

29- Beg for (something)

30- Blame someone/something for (something)

31- Boast about/of (something)

32- Borrow from (someone)

33- Break into (a building)

34- Breathe in/out

35- Build up (a collection)

36- Burn down (a house)

37- Burst into (a room)

38- Buy into (an investment)

39- Call off (a date)

40- Cheat on (a test)

41- Check in/out (of a hotel)

42- Cheer for (a team)

43- Clean up (a mess)

44- Climb up (a mountain)

45- Come across (something)

46- Come back (somewhere)

47- Come in/out (of a store)

48- Complain about/of/to (something)

49- Concentrate on/upon (something)

50- Consist of (parts)

51- Contribute to (a charity)

52- Count on/upon (someone)

53- Cross out (something)

54- Cut down (trees)

55- Deal with (a problem)

56- Decide against (something)

57- Delight in/with (something)

58- Depend on/upon (someone or something)

59- Disagree about/on (something)

60- Discuss with (someone)

61- Dream about/of (something)

62- Dress up (for a party)

63- Drink up (a drink)

64- Drive someone/something crazy

65- Drop by (somewhere)

66- Eat out (at a restaurant)

67- End up (somewhere)

68- Fall apart (into pieces)

69- Fall behind (in work)

70- Fall for (someone)

71- Feed on/upon (something)

72- Feel up to (doing something)

73- Fight against/for (something)

74- Fill in/out (a form)

75- Finish off (a piece of work)

76- Flunk out (of school)

77- Get along with (someone)

78- Get around to (doing something)

79- Get away with (something)

80- Give back (a book)

81- Give in/up (to a temptation)

82- Go ahead with (something)

83- Go on (a trip)

84- Grow up (to be someone)

85- Hang out (with someone)

86- Hold on/up (a bus)

87- Hurry up (to do something)

88- Include in/into (something)

89- Keep an eye on (something)

90- Keep up with (someone or something)

91- Knock down (a wall)

92- Lead to (something)

93- Leave out (of a list)

94- Level off (to stop increasing)

95- Lie down (to sleep)

96- Live on/off (something)

97- Look at/into (something)

98- Look for (a job)

99- Lose out (on an opportunity)

100- Make do with (something)


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