Aswell or As well? Which is correct?

The phrase ‘as well’ is a common and correct one, and is used in a variety of situations. While the other word ‘aswell’ is incorrect and there is no such word in English.

Aswell or As well

It is important to know the correct spelling of this phrase, as using the incorrect spelling can change the meaning of what you are trying to say.

‘As well’ can be used as an adverb or a conjunction, and has a number of different meanings. As an adverb, it can mean ‘also’ or ‘in addition’, as in ‘I’m going to the store, and I’ll get some milk as well’.

As a conjunction, it can be used to connect two similar ideas or actions, as in ‘I’m going to the store, and I’ll pick up some milk as well’. It is also sometimes used after an adjective to emphasize the degree to which something is true, as in ‘That dress is as well made as any I’ve ever seen’. So next time you want to use this phrase, be sure to use the correct spelling – ‘as well’.

  • I’m studying French as well.
  • They’re going to the cinema as well.

Is As well Formal?

No, as well is not a formal phrase. It can be used in both spoken and written English. However, it is more common in spoken English than in written English.

If you are writing a formal letter or email, you might want to use an alternative phrase such as ‘in addition’, ‘also’, or ‘as well as’.

I hope this has helped clear up any confusion about the correct usage of ‘as well’!

As Well As vs. As Well

There is often confusion surrounding the terms “as well as” and “as well.” “As well as” is used to introduce a list of items, while “as well” is used to indicate that something is also true.

For example, you might say

  • I need flour, sugar, and eggs as well as butter to make this cake.

In this sentence, “as well as” is introducing the additional item of butter.

Alternatively, you might say

  • I’m doing laundry tonight as well.

Meaning that in addition to some other tasks, you will also be doing laundry.

As a general rule, if you can replace the term with “and,” then you should use “as well as.” If the term can be replaced with “also,” then “as well” is likely the correct choice. However, there are always exceptions to rules, so if you are unsure which term to use, it is best to consult a dictionary or grammar guide.

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