Black American Slang’s and Meaning Pdf

Black American Slang’s and Meaning Pdf! Black American slang is a set of informal words and phrases used by black people in the United States.

Slang is often used in place of standard English words and can be hard for non-native speakers to understand. However, it can also be a fun way to express oneself and add personality to speech.

Some common examples of Black American slang include: “ratchet” (a person who is unkempt or trashy), “on fleek” (perfect or on point), “lit” (exciting or fun), and “goals” (something to aspire to).

If you’re interested in learning more about Black American slang, there are several resources available online, including dictionaries and PDFs that explain the meaning of popular terms. With a little research, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time!

Black American Slangs and Meaning Pdf

Black American Slangs and Meaning Pdf

Here is the List of Some Common and Popular Black American Slangs with Meanings

1- beat box = rhymes or rapping

2- bling = impression of wealth

3- da bomb = excellent, extremely good

4- dis = doing something insulting

5- funky = fashionable in an unusual

6- hang out = to spend time with

7- honky = a derogatory term for a white person

8- hoops = the game of basketball

9- jig = a Black person

10- jive = to talk

11- jump off = to leave

12- just sayin’ = I’m just saying

13- keep it real = to be honest

14- know what I’m sayin’? = do you understand what I’m saying?

15- laid back = relaxing, not stressed

List of Black American Slangs

  • Sick =Cool, great
  • Snack =Someone who’s attractive
  • Cop =Buy, feel (inappropriately)
  • Dumb =Really, very
  • Fauci ouchie =COVID-19 vaccine
  • Wylin’/Wildin’ =Acting crazy
  • Get hitched =Get married
  • I’m down =I can join you/I will do it
  • Cheesy =silly
  • Gotham =Nickname for New York City
  • Whiz =A smart person
  • Poppin’ =Excellent
  • Steez =Effortless style
  • Big mad =Really angry
  • Score =Get what you want
  • You bet =You’re welcome
  • Take for granted :     Assume
  • Dms’ =Direct messages
  • Hit the books =Study
  • Gucci =Trendy
  • Pass the buck =Make someone else responsible
  • Yeet! =Expression of excitement
  • Wasted =Intoxicated
  • Schlep =Impatiently going between places
  • A-Game =One’s best
  • Slay =Excel at, win at
  • Ride shotgun =Sit in the front passenger seat
  • Fam =Family
  • Loose cannon =Someone dangerously uncontrollable
  • Turnt =Intoxicated, energized
  • Schmear =Lots of cream cheese
  • L =A loss
  • It sucked =It was bad
  • White-Collar =High-salary job
  • Woke =Aware of potential injustices
  • No biggie =Not a problem
  • Flick =Movie
  • The bomb =Excellent
  • Armchair CEO =Offering expertise on
  • Oops! =When someone messes up
  • Cram =Study like crazy
  • No big deal =Not a problem
  • I’m game =I can join you/I will do it
  • I can’t even! =I can’t tolerate that anymore!
  • Swole =Very muscular
  • Emo =Overly angsty/emotional
  • Rip (someone) off =Overcharge
  • Sus =Suspect/suspicious
  • Dead-Ass =Serious about something
  • Tie the knot =Get married
  • Wack =Bad, not cool
  • Straight fire =Trendy
  • Couch potato =Someone who’s always watching tv
  • Sawbuck =Us$10
  • Ex =Former girlfriend or boyfriend
  • I don’t buy that =I don’t believe you
  • Dank =Excellent
  • Fuzz =Police
  • Shook =Emotionally bothered/shaken
  • Fresh meat =New target for humiliation
  • Flex =Show off
  • Blue-Collar =Jobs focused on manual labor
  • That’s rad =That’s cool
  • Lemon =Bad person
  • I’m beat =I’m tired
  • Cringe =Really embarrassing
  • Bae =A best friend/loved one
  • Suck up =Win someone’s approval by being servile
  • Whip =Car

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