Bring Brang Brung? Are These Correct?

The word bring is used as a verb but brang and brung are not even words in the English language because they have no meanings. These two words are used in place of brought by those people who don’t know the correct forms of verbs for the word bring.

Bring Brang Brung Are These Correct


Bring has a few different meanings, all of which are related to movement. To bring something means to move it from one place to another. You can also use bring to mean “to cause something to happen.” For example, you can say “I brought the party to life by inviting all my friends.” Or you could say “The rain brought the flowers to life.


Brang is not a correct word, it is only used in spoken English but it is never accepted by English dictionaries because its an incorrect word that is used for ‘brought’.

Example Sentences of Brang

Brang is a unique word that is used to describe the action of throwing something with force.

For example, if you brang a rock at a window, you would be throwing the rock.

  • I brang my book with me to the library.
  • I brang my kid to the office.
  • I brang my weapons to work today.


Brung is not a correct word. It is an informal spoken past tense and past participle of bring. It is often used in Southern dialects of the United States.

Example Sentences of Brung

  • I brung my laptop to class.
  • I brung my tools to work today.
  • I’ve been using Brung for my accounting needs for the past two years and have found it to be a great program.
  • I was going to the store and I needed to brung my groceries.

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