British Slang for Happy

British Slang for Happy! Are you looking for a way to sound more like a local when you travel to the United Kingdom? If so, you’re in luck! There are many different British slang terms that you can use to describe happiness. Here are just a few of the most popular ones:

British Slang for Happy

British Slang for Happy

Here are Some Popular British Slang For Happy

1- “Brilliant!”

2- “Cheers!”

3- “Fab!”

4- “Great stuff!”

5- “I’m chuffed to bits!”

6- “Nice one!”

7- “Smashing!”

8- “Superb!”

9- “Well done!”

10- “You did it!”

11- “You’re the best!”

There you have it! Some of the most popular British slang terms for happy. Be sure to use them next time you travel to the UK, and you’ll be sure to sound like a local in no time!

British Slang for Happy with Meanings

  1. Absolutely chuffed – This is one of the most common ways to say that you’re happy about something. It’s used in both formal and informal situations.
  2. Made up – You can use this term if you’re really happy about something good that’s happened. For example, you might say “I’m made up that I got the job!”
  3. Over the moon – This phrase is used to describe extreme happiness. So, if you’re really happy about something, you might say that you’re “over the moon” about it.

4- Eyed: very happy

5- Barmy: crazy, funny, amusing

6- Blooming: wonderful, marvelous

7- Chuffed: pleased, satisfied

8- Cracking: excellent

9- Glad rags: one’s best clothes

10- Mate: friend

11- Pleased as Punch: very pleased

12- Tickled Pink: very pleased

13-  Up for the cup: very enthusiastic

14- Well chuffed: very pleased

15- Ace: excellent, great

16- Bang up to date: completely current

17- Bespoke: custom made, tailor-made

18- Bootiful: beautiful

19- Boss: excellent

20- Brill: brilliant, wonderful

21- Calling it a day: quitting, finishing for the day

22- Chap: man, fellow

23- Cheers: thanks, thank you

24- Cracker: excellent

25- Dapper: stylish, handsome

26- Dash it all: an exclamation of frustration

27- Do one’s nut: to go crazy

28- Doing alright for oneself: doing well

29- Dotty: crazy, eccentric

30- Fag end: the end of something, the last bit

31- Fancy: want, would like

32- Fit as a fiddle: in good health

33- Flushed: happy, excited

34- Full on: intense, very active

35- Get away with murder: to get away with doing something bad

36- Gormless: stupid, clueless

37- Gutted: disappointed, upset

38- Hack it: to cope with something, to manage

39- Happy as Larry: very happy

40-Hard up: short of money

41- Have a butchers: take a look

42- I’m alright Jack: I’m okay, don’t worry about me

43- In the club: pregnant

44- Jaw dropping: amazing, unbelievable

45- Laid back: relaxed

46- Lashings of: a lot of

47- Leg it: to run away

48- Mate: friend

49- On the blink: not working

50- Pint: a large glass of beer

51- Plonk: cheap wine

52- Poofter: gay man

53- Pulling your leg: joking with you

54- Right state: a mess

55- Rubbish: useless, stupid

56- Scrummy: delicious

57- Sent to Coventry: ignored, ostracized

58- Shank’s pony: walking

59- Skive: to avoid work or school

60- Sod it: an exclamation of frustration

61- Sound: okay, good

62- Staycation: a vacation in one’s own country

63- Takes the biscuit: that’s the worst yet

64- That’ll do nicely: that will be good, thank you

65- Thames: crazy, eccentric

66-Throw a sickie: to call in sick when you’re not really sick

67-Top bantz: great fun

68-Tosser: jerk, idiot

69-Waffle: to talk nonsense

70-Wallop: a beating

71-Wazzock: an idiot

72-Well jel: very jealous

73-Wind your neck in: calm down

74-Wrapped up: very happy

75-You alright: hello, how are you?

76-Zonked: tired, exhausted

These are just a few of the many British slang terms that you can use to describe happiness. So next time you’re feeling happy, why not try using one of these terms? You might just sound like a local in no time!


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