British Slang Roadman

British Slang Roadman! Much of British slang is derived from Cockney Rhyming Slang, which originated in the East End of London in the 19th century. Since then, it has spread throughout the UK and been adopted by many different groups of people.

One group that has particularly embraced British slang is roadmen. Roadmen are a subculture of young people who are typically associated with crime and violence. However, they also have their own unique style and way of speaking.

Here are some examples of roadman slang:

British Slang Roadman

British Slang Roadman

1- Sesh: A session or period of time spent taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

2- Cunt: A term used to describe someone who is unpleasant or disliked.

3- Fit: Attractive or good-looking.

4- Gassed: Excited or enthusiastic about something.

5- A&E: accident and emergency

6- Air Max 95s: Nike trainers first released in 1995

7- Arse over tit: falling over

8- Bait: attractive person

9- Banter: playful and friendly teasing or joking around

10- Beat one’s face: to apply makeup

11- Beef: a disagreement or conflict

12-  Bellyful: a lot, more than enough

13- Bespoke: made to order, custom-made

14- Bibulous: fond of drinking alcohol

15- Big up: to praise or give credit to someone

16- Bish: woman, girl

17- Blank: unattractive

18- Blatant: obvious

19- Bleep: to swear

20- Bloke: man, guy

21-Blood: friend

22- Bob: a shilling (5p)

23- Bog standard: ordinary, average

24- Bollocks: nonsense, rubbish

25- Bondage pants: tight fitting trousers with straps or chains

26- Cack-handed: left-handed

27- Chat up: to flirt with someone

28- Chav: a young person from a low-income background, considered to be uneducated and rowdy

29- Cock up: to make a mess of something

30- Cracking on: flirting, hitting on someone

31- Daft: stupid

32- Dapper: well-dressed

33-Divvy: stupid, crazy

34- Dodgy: questionable, suspicious

35- Dole: unemployment benefit

36- Doss: to sleep, usually in an improvised bed such as a park bench

37- Double up: to share something with someone

38- Faff: to waste time

39- Fag: a cigarette

40- Fancy: to like or want something

41- Fit: attractive

42- Flash: to show off wealth, usually by buying expensive things or wearing designer clothes

43-Football hooligan: a person who causes trouble at football matches

44- Geezer: man, guy

45-Getting lairy: behaving aggressively or rowdily

46-Ginormous: very large

47- Gutted: disappointed, upset

48- Hen party: a woman’s stag night

49- Hipster: a person who follows trends that are outside of the mainstream

50- Iffy: questionable, risky

51- Jumper: a sweater

52- Kevlar: bulletproof vest

53- Kit: clothes, gear

54- Knackered: tired, exhausted

55- Lambretta: a type of motor scooter

56- Legless: drunk

57- Lippy: lipstick

58- Lock in: to keep someone somewhere against their will

59- Lurgy: a cold or other illness

60- Man up: to behave in a more traditionally masculine way

61- Marching powder: cocaine

62- Mate: friend

63- Minted: rich, wealthy

64- Mod: a subculture that originated in London in the 1960s, characterized by fashion sense and a love of music

65- Mossy: old, out of date

66- Muppet: a stupid person

67- Naff: rubbish, not good

68- Nether regions: the genitals

69- On your tod: alone

70- Ooft: an expression

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