Business English Vocabulary Pdf

In order to succeed in business, it is important to have a strong vocabulary. By learning and using common business English words and phrases, you can communicate more effectively with clients, co-workers, and supervisors.

This article will provide a list of some of the most important business English vocabulary words.

Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary (Meaning and Examples)

  1. Admit: to accept or acknowledge something.

Example: I admit that I made a mistake.

  1. Acquire: to obtain, usually through purchase or negotiation.

Example: We acquired a new building for our office.

  1. Asset: any item of value owned by a company or person.

Example: The company’s main asset is its reputation.

  1. Budget: an estimate of income and expenses over a certain period of time.

Example: We need to create a budget for the next fiscal year.

  1. Compete: to strive against others in order to achieve a goal.

Example: The two companies are competing for market share.

  1. Consult: to seek out advice or information from an expert source.

Example: We consulted with a lawyer before making a decision.

  1. Discount: a reduction of the usual price of something.

Example: The store is offering a 10% discount on all items.

  1. Establish: to set up or found something, usually an organization or business.

Example: She established her own consulting firm.

  1. Expand: to increase in size or scope.

Example: The company is expanding into new markets.

  1. Forecast: a prediction of future events or outcomes based on current trends and data.

Example: The forecast suggests that the economy will grow next year.

Business English Vocabulary

ability absent approach
big data buyer cold call
coworking digital strategy employer’s liability
leverage minutes ordinary share
plan propelling registered mail
screen stakeholder tenant
underpin application benefit
business client coupon
development empiric fiction
grant input lengthen
message opportunity cost personnel officer
prolific Refund sample
sponsor taxonomy twist someone’s arm
admit attorney blue-chip stocks
cargo comprehensive cut-throat
diversify establish foreign exchange
hereinafter invest low Hanging Fruit
mutual fund overhead poster
store to enclose value
appendix benchmarking bureau de change
click counter-productive develop
emerging markets feedback goods in transit
initial order lend merger
opportunity personnel department project
reference same boat split
task turnover advantage
author board case
condition date of birth document
irrevocable lucrative native language
owe preferential rate quarterly
representative shipment strategy
to invoice verdict air freight
bandwidth brand awareness charge
convince deliver duty free
knowledge market research objective
revenue slide supervise
trader whiteboard addressee
attendee bleeding edge career
complete customs distribution
equity forecast herein
inventory loss adjuster multitude
repeat order share stopover
to be short-listed valid alignment
bank charges bridging loan check in
copyright demystify e-commerce
facilitate get the ball rolling included
landlord mass media offer
paying-in slip product Receipt
risk smooth sailing supply chain
training with reference to advice
available body language cash refund offer
confirmation debt downsell
exchange fringe benefits immigration officer
jingle make redundant networking
packing list presentation quotation
respond shopping Centre subscribe
to retail viral marketing afford
background bottom line certificate of origin
consultant decision drill down
expand full-time (job) improvement
judge managing director non profit organization
paradigm price Range


retail price sick leave Success
to whom it may concern warehouse aisle
bank account break check
coordinate delivery easy come, easy go
eye-catcher get something off the ground Incentivize
labour marketing department obtain
payee produce Rebate
rise slot supply
trainee wholesaler acquisition
articles of association billboard campaign
communicate crowdfunding discreet
enquiry fluent hardback
interest limit mortgage
output point of sale provide
remittance send statement of account
thousand unsaleable agreement
ballot brand change
contract defendant duly signed
exponential game plan in conclusion,…
keyboard market notorious
part-time (job) prioritize reach a consensus
retire skill set sum up
trade union wheelhouse amplify
bargain price broadsheet choose
corner the market departures board editing
factory go down the drain index
lawyer measure on the same page
penny stock production recipient
runway software tabloid
transcend word of mouth acknowledge
article bill of lading call
commodities critic discount
end-user flip chart hard currency
insurance broker lift money order
out of pocket plus prospects
reminder sell statement
think outside the box unpack annotate
barrister budget cite
correspondent deposit account editorial
fall go public industry
leadership meeting online banking
peripheral profit recruit
transport worker annual leave
bearish market building clarify
cost of sales descend elevator
feature goal inflation
Learn the ropes mention operations
permission profit margin red tape
trillion agent balance sheet
branch challenge content
deep dive due explanation
Futures in bulk key words
marker notice party
skill suggestion trade fair
weakness advance payment augment
blurb carriage paid to concept
date dividend estimate
free of charge hoarding invoice
low-hanging fruit nationality overheads
pragmatic quarter report
shareholder story to inquire
deficit dutiable extend
gate in full swing know-how
market leader objection pay
privacy policy Reach Out return
skim summary trademark
whereas airway bill bank
branding charge for cookie
deliverable duty-free extranet
get down to business inadequate packing label
marketing obliged payable by you
process real estate reward sales
slogan supplier trading session


wholesale advance (in advance) audience rapport
blue-sky thinking carriage free compromise
data divide estate agent
franchise hire investment
lower narrative overhead projector
postpone qualifications reply
share premium storey to grant a discount
board of directors cash conference
deadline domestic exaggerated
freelance hundred issue
mailshot negotiate own
premium quay requirement
shipping strength to quote a price
vertical address asset
blank cheque capitalisation issue complain
force majeure hereby introductory price
loss multitask overdrawn
portfolio purchasing department repair
sever ties stockholder to be grateful
vacancy account arbitration
bill byte commission
creditor director end of play
flight handout instructions
liable modem organize
plead prosecutor reject
see eye to eye standing order terms of payment
unit price advise back to square one
bonus casting vote consequential loss
debtors draft exclusive rights
front page Implement Joint venture
management no strings attached paperback
prespect raise result
shorthand subtract to sign
visual aids advertisement (ad) authorization
boarding pass cash dispenser conference call
deal donate excerpt
Freemium hype item
main point net price pack
preparation quick win resign
shipping agent strike to refund
vice president amount due banknote
brisk trade cheque core competency
department store edit factor
gig economy increase lawsuit
matters arising on the one hand penalty
product line reception rock the boat
soft currency sustainability transaction
without prejudice accept approval (on approval)
big picture buy-in collaborate
credit direct investment enclosed
firm offer guilty install
liabilities miscellaneous organisation chart
platform property reimbursement
sector stakeholders tender
unemployment benefits advice of payment avoid
bond cashier consensus
debtor downsizing exchange rate
front cover impact join
manage news website paper
president quote a price responsibility
shorten subtle to ship
virus alternative bank transfer
brief checkbook core business
department economies of scale facilities
get worse income statement launch
maternity leave on request payment
product liability receive roadside signs
social media support training course
withdraw added value assessor
black market capital stock competitor
customer disruptive equipment
for sale helicopter view Intranet
Long shot multiply overdraf


policyholder purchase Renew
set up stockbroker title
build claim cost
derivative education feasible
go the extra mile inevitable leaflet
memory operating system perk
profit and loss account recruitment salary
soundbite takeover trial
apartment bedrock price building society
classified ads count description
e-marketing features going forward
inform leasehold merchandise
opinion perseverance profound
reduce sales department speculate
as mentioned bind candidate
comparison current account dispatch
environment font headline
Interrupt loan move the needle
outsourcing pointer public liability
remove separate stipulate
time’s up uphill battle actuary
assessment bit capital
competition curriculum vitae (CV) disruption
equal for example… headquarters
interview logistics multinational
overcome policy public relations
remuneration service stock
tip upper hand apply for a job
best practice business angel close
court of law dictate employ
Figure out ground floor inquiry
let microphone option
petty cash promise refuse
scalable square team-player
typeset act articulate
billion cancel company
currency dismiss entrepreneur
follow-up hardware interoperability
linear motivate outsource
point out proxy vote remote work
sensationalism status report ticket
up in the air apply (e.g., a technique) best regards
business plan close a deal cover
difference employee file
growth Insider letter of credit
million order ping
promote registered scale
square root telecommuting unanimous
affect back up borrow
censor consider decide
dress code executive officer fulfil
improve journalist manager
no-brainer par value prevent
Raise the bar retail show of hands
succeed to start with… vote
anecdote barometer stock browser
circulation corporate synergy deposit
editor failure to pay go into administration
induced lead media
online perennial production department
Recommend sabotage sold out
take on transit passenger work history
apology behavior bullish market
clause counteroffer desk
embodiment fee goods
information technology legal tender merchant bank
opinion leader personnel program
reduction salutation speculator
target turnkey after-sales service
baggage claim box chain store
consumer declare drop
expenses fund In a nutshell


jury margin non-fiction
participate price point range rate
retail price index (RPI) signal sue
touch base warrant agenda
balance break chairman
container decrease dubious
experience furnished in behalf of
keep one’s eye on the ball mark up not going to fly
partnership prime time reach
retailer signature suggest
traction waybill appoint
bid buy coin
cover letter digital marketing employer
fill in guarantee Insider dealing / trading
letterhead minus orderform
pivotal promotion registered letter
schedule staff telephone marketing
underestimate according to approve
bi-lingual by the book commercial
credit card direct mail encourage
fix hand luggage Instalment
liability mistake organise
plausible proposal reinsurance
security stand one’s ground terms
union accounting (department) arithmetic
bill of exchange calculate commitment
creditors disadvantage end user
flight attendant hands are tied insurance
lien monetization out in the open
plug prospect remind
see something through startup the elephant in the room
unit trusts advertising agency authorize
body cash flow statement confirm
debit double-page spread excess baggage
freight ideate jet lag
maintain network packaging
present quota respite
shoot something down structure to request
video conference    


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