Common Mistakes In English Pdf

English can be a difficult language to master, especially if you are not familiar with the common mistakes that people make. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of some of the most common mistakes in English and how to avoid them.

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Common Mistakes In English

Common Mistakes In English

Incorrect: She is taller than me.

Correct: She is taller than I am.

Incorrect: Its time to eat!

Correct: It’s time to eat!

Incorrect: We was at the movies.

Correct: We were at the movies.

Incorrect: There isnt any milk left.

Correct: There isn’t any milk left.

Incorrect: You should of gone to the party.

Correct: You should have gone to the party.

Incorrect: He dont like spinach.

Correct: He doesn’t like spinach.

Incorrect: She aint here.

Correct: She isn’t here.

Incorrect: Whos turn is it?

Correct: Whose turn is it?

Incorrect: I seen that movie already.

Correct: I saw that movie already.

Incorrect: They wasnt invited to the party.

Correct: They weren’t invited to the party.

Incorrect: I have alot of friends.

Correct: I have a lot of friends.

Incorrect: Its so cold outside!

Correct: It’s so cold outside!

Incorrect: Shes going to the store.

Correct: She’s going to the store.

Incorrect: You shouldnt of done that.

Correct: You shouldn’t have done that.


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