Dirty Abbreviations For Texting, Bad Words Short Form In Chatting

Dirty Abbreviations For Texting, Bad Words Short Form In Chatting! We all know that texting has become the new way to communicate, but did you know that there are some dirty abbreviations for texting that you should be aware of? Here are a few of the most popular dirty words and their abbreviated form:

Note: While these may not seem like a big deal, they can actually be quite offensive to some people. So, if you’re not sure whether or not someone would be offended by them, it’s best to just avoid using them altogether.

Dirty Abbreviations For Texting

5 Bad Words Short Form in Chatting

Below are 5 bad short forms of words in chatting.

  1. Pussy: Pssy or Pssies
  2. Dick: Dck or Dcks
  3. Fuck: Fck or Fcks
  4. Shit: Sht or Shts
  5. Cunt: Cnt or Cnts

28 Dirty Abbreviations for Texting

  • 420: Marijuana
  • 53X: sex
  • 8: oral sex
  • 9: Parent watching
  • 99: Parent gone
  • Banana: penis
  • CD9: Code nine, parents around
  • CU46: see you for sex
  • DOC: Drug of choice
  • GNOC: Get naked on camera
  • GYPO: get your pants off
  • IMEZYRU: I’m easy, are you?
  • IPN: I’m posting naked
  • ITS: intense text sex
  • IWSN: I want sex now
  • J/O: jerking off
  • Kitty: vagina
  • LH6: let’s have sex
  • LHU: let’s hook up
  • LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life
  • NFS: need for sex
  • NIFOC: Naked in front of computer
  • P911: parent alert
  • POS: Parent over shoulder
  • PRON: po*n
  • RUH: are you horny?
  • TDTM: talk dirty to me
  • WTTP: Want to trade pictures?

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Rude Abbreviations For Texting

Below are some rude abbreviations that are commonly used in texting:

WTF  What the F*ck
LMFAO  Laughing My F*cking Ass Off
SMH  Shaking My Head
LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off
GTFO  Get The F*ck Out
SMDH  Shaking My Damn Head
LMIRL  Let’s Meet In Real Life
IDGAF  I Don’t Give A F*ck
ICYMI  In Case You Missed It
WTH  What The Hell?
TBH  To Be Honest
IDC  I Don’t Care
STFU  Shut The F*ck Up
IMHO  In My Humble Opinion

Rude Abbreviations for texting

Using some of these abbreviations in your text messages can come across as rude and inappropriate, so it’s important to use them only with people you know well.

Dirty Acronyms For TikTok Chatting

Below are some dirty acronyms that are commonly used in TikTok chatting:

LMIRL  Let’s Meet In Real Life
HMU  Hit Me Up
WYCM  Will You Call Me?
IWSN  I Want Sex Now
KFY or K4Y  Kiss For You
GNOC  Get Naked On Camera
CU46  See You For Sex
IPN  I’m Posting Naked
PIR  Parents In Room
NIFOC  Naked In Front Of Computer
IWU  I Want You
GYPO  Get Your Pants Off
DOC  Drugging On Camera
SUGARPIC  Suggestive or Erotic Picture
GNRN  Get Naked Right Now
A3  Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
WTTP  Want To Trade Pictures?
831  I Love You
KPC  Keeping Parents Clueless

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