E Words To Describe Someone You Love

When you love someone, they can be summed up in a word or two. If your loved one is extra special to you, maybe you could use three words. Whether it is their eyes, their smile, their laugh, or the way they make you feel, there are plenty of words that can describe how you feel about someone.

E Words To Describe Someone You Love

Here are just a few examples of “E words” to describe someone you love.

23 E Words To Describe Someone You Love

  1. Endearing
  2. Extraordinary
  3. Easy to approach
  4. Extraordinary
  5. Easy to talk to
  6. Exciting
  7. Exceptional
  8. Exciting
  9. Enthralling
  10. Elegant
  11. Eye-catching
  12. Electric
  13. Enticing
  14. Enjoyable
  15. Engaging
  16. Epic
  17. Elegant
  18. Enchanted
  19. Elated,
  20. Enriching
  21. Empathetic
  22. Enchanting
  23. Easygoing

E Words To Describe Someone Special

  1. Eye-catching: She is a tall woman with an eye-catching smile.
  2. Electric: There is an electric atmosphere between them. They just click.
  3. Enticing: The way she moves is so enticing.
  4. Enjoyable: He is such an enjoyable person to be around.
  5. Engaging: The couple was engaged in a serious discussion.
  6. Epic: The love story is epic.
  7. Elegant: She is an elegant woman.
  8. Enchanted: I am enchanted by her beauty.
  9. Elated: He was elated when she said “yes.”
  10. Enriching: The experience was enriching.
  11. Empathetic: He is an empathetic person.
  12. Endearing: She is the most endearing person I have ever met.
  13. Extraordinary: He is such an extraordinary boyfriend.
  14. Approachable: I love that she is so approachable.
  15. Easy to talk to: I can talk to him about anything.
  16. Exciting: They are both so excited to be around.
  17. Exceptional: She is an exceptional friend.
  18. Enthralling: He is an enthralling person.
  19. Elegant: Her beauty is elegant.


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