30 Examples of Simple Sentence

A simple sentence contains a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought. It stands alone as a statement. It does not contain any dependent clauses.

Examples of Simple Sentence

Here are 30 examples of simple sentences:

  1. The dog barks.
  2. She sings beautifully.
  3. Rain falls softly.
  4. He quickly ran.
  5. The sunsets.
  6. Birds fly high.
  7. Flowers bloom in spring.
  8. The cat sleeps.
  9. She dances gracefully.
  10. Cars honk loudly.
  11. He laughs often.
  12. Stars twinkle at night.
  13. She writes daily.
  14. He jumps high.
  15. The teacher explains clearly.
  16. She thinks deeply.
  17. He swims well.
  18. The clock ticks.
  19. She dreams big.
  20. He eats slowly.
  21. The bell rings.
  22. She loves reading.
  23. He travels frequently.
  24. The wind howls.
  25. She smiles brightly.
  26. He works hard.
  27. The river flows.
  28. She whispers softly.
  29. He listens carefully.
  30. The door creaks.

Examples of Simple Sentence


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