20 Gerund Phrase Examples with Answers

Gerund phrases are an often elusive concept for English learners, but when you understand how to identify them and use them correctly in a sentence, it can truly open up the doors of grammar mastery! Learning which gerund phrases work best in different contexts may seem overwhelming at first glance, but with some helpful tips from this blog post along with 20 Gerund Phrase Examples and Answers, soon enough you’ll be using these powerful little phrases like a pro. So get ready to take your gerund phrase knowledge to the next level – let’s dive right in!

Gerund phrases are very common in English, so it’s important to learn how to use them correctly.

Gerund Phrase Examples with Answers

What is a Gerund Phrase?

A gerund phrase is a type of phrase that consists of a verb in its present participle form (e.g., ending in -ing) and any related modifiers, objects, or complements. The phrase functions as a noun in the sentence.

Examples include:

  1. “Talking loudly”
  2. “Driving too fast”
  3. “Studying for hours every day”

How to Identify Gerund Phrase in a Sentence?

In order to identify a gerund phrase in a sentence, it is important to recognize the present participle verb form. A present participle verb will end in -ing. Once the present participle verb is identified, look for any modifiers that accompany it as well as any objects or complements in the phrase. This will help to distinguish it as a gerund phrase.


  • Baking cookies is a fun activity.”

In this sentence, “Baking cookies” is the gerund phrase because it includes the present participle verb form “baking” as well as the object “cookies.”

20 Examples of Gerund Phrases with Answers

1. They were ‘going to the store‘ to buy groceries.

2. I was ‘sleeping like a log‘ all afternoon.

3. She enjoys ‘taking long walks‘ in the park.

4. We were ‘talking about politics’ for hours.

5. He is always ‘skipping class‘ to hang out with his friends.

6. She is ‘studying for the test‘ every day.

7. He was ‘dancing in the rain‘ during the storm.

8. I have been ‘working on my project‘ for weeks now.

9. He enjoys ‘listening to music‘ while studying.

10. They are ‘playing football‘ in the park.

11. She is ‘learning to play guitar‘ in her free time.

12. I was ‘running late‘ for my appointment.

13. He was ‘talking loudly‘ in the library.

14. She spends her evenings ‘reading books‘.

15. We were ‘driving too fast‘ on the highway.

16. They were ‘laughing hysterically‘ at the show.

17. I was ‘enjoying the sunshine‘ on a summer day.

18. He was ‘buying tickets‘ for the concert.

19. We were ‘planning a vacation‘ for the holidays.

20. They were ‘making dinner‘ together.

20 Examples of Gerund Phrases with Answers

10 Gerund Phrase Examples

1- Swimming is my favorite exercise.

2- I love swimming in the pool.

3- Swimming is good for your health.

4- Yesterday, I swam for an hour.

5- I swim every day.

6- Do you like swimming?

7- He enjoys swimming in the ocean.

8- She didn’t go swimming.

9- We have been swimming.

10- They will swim in the pool later.

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As you can see, gerund phrases can be used in a variety of ways. Just remember that they always start with a gerund and act as a noun in a sentence. With a little practice, you’ll be using them like a native speaker in no time!

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