Homophones and Homonyms Examples

Homophones and Homonyms Examples! A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different spelling and meaning. A homonym is a word that has the same spelling as another word but has a different meaning. Here are some examples of homophones and homonyms:

Homophones and Homonyms Examples

Examples of Homophones

1- Brake/Break

Brake (verb): To stop the motion of something by applying pressure.

Break (verb): To cause something to separate suddenly or violently into two or more pieces.

2- Die/Dye

Die (verb): To stop living.

Dye (verb): A substance used to add color to something.

3- Fair/Fare

Fair (adjective): Treating people equally without favoritism.

Fare (noun): The price paid for a journey.

4- Flower/Flour

Flower (noun): The colorful part of a plant that contains the reproductive organs.

Flour (noun): A powder made from grains or other starchy plants, used for baking.

5- Heard/Herd

Heard (verb): Past tense of hear.

Herd (noun): A group of animals that live together.

6- Hole/Whole

Hole (noun): An empty space in something.

Whole (adjective): Complete, not damaged or missing any parts.

7- Knight/Night

Knight (noun): A man who has been given a high social rank by a king or queen because of his bravery.

Night (noun): The time from when the sun goes down to when it comes up.

8- Made/Maid

Made (verb): To create something using skill and effort.

Maid (noun): A woman who is employed to do housework.

9- Peace/Piece

Peace (noun): Freedom from war or violence.

Piece (noun): A part of something larger, or a small amount.

10- Plain/Plane

Plain (adjective): Not decorated or beautiful.

Plane (noun): A level surface, or an aircraft.

Examples of Homonyms


Address (verb): To speak to someone.

Address (noun): The particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated.


Band (noun): A group of musicians who play together.

Band (verb): To tie something together with a band.


Bat (noun): A tool used for hitting balls.

Bat (noun): A mammal that can fly.


Bell (noun): A metal object that makes a loud sound when you hit it.

Bell (verb): To ring a bell.

5- born (verb): To give birth to a baby.

Born (adjective): If you are born in a particular place, you were born there and not somewhere else.


Bow (noun): A knot made by folding ribbon or cloth so that each end crosses over the center.

Bow (noun): A weapon used for shooting arrows.

Bow (verb): To bend your head or body forward slightly as a way of showing respect or greeting someone.


Cane (noun): A thin, tall stick that some old or disabled people use to help them walk.

Cane (noun): A tall plant that grows in wet areas and has long, thin leaves.


Cell (noun): A small room where a prisoner is kept.

Cell (noun): The smallest unit of living things.


Checked (adjective): Having a pattern of small squares.

Checked (verb): To examine something carefully.


Clip (noun): A small metal device used for fastening pieces of paper together or to a surface.

Clip (verb): To cut something off with scissors or shears.


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