List of Masculine and Feminine Gender Pdf

List of Masculine and Feminine Gender Pdf! A list of masculine and feminine words can be a useful tool in many different situations. For example, when trying to decide whether to use “he” or “she” when referring to a person, it can be helpful to know the grammatical gender of the word. Additionally, knowing the gender of words can be helpful in understanding the meaning of certain words and phrases.

There are a few different ways to determine the gender of a word. One way is to look at the ending of the word. In French, for example, words that end in -e tend to be feminine, while words that end in -ion tend to be masculine. Another way to determine gender is by looking at the meaning of the word itself. For instance, words that refer to people or animals are usually masculine, while words that refer to objects are usually feminine.

List of Masculine and Feminine Gender Pdf

List of Masculine and Feminine Gender Pdf

1- Nephew- Niece

2- Hero- Heroine

3- Prophet- Prophetess

4- Grandfather- Grandmother

5- Enchanter- Enchantress

6- Uncle- Aunt

7- Cock- Hen

8- Traitor- Traitress

9- Sales Man- Sales Girl

10- Drone- Bee

11- Brother- In- Law- Sister- In- Law

12- Benefactor- Benefactress

13- Host- Hostess

14- Man- Woman

15- He- Mule- She- Mule

16- Gentleman- Lady

17- Horse- Mare

18- Signor- Signora

19- Manager- Manageress

20- Czar- Czarina

21- Milkman- Milkmaid

22- Peacock- Peahen

23- Tempter- Temptress

24- Lord- Lady

25- Lion- Lioness

26- Colt- Filly

27- He- Goat- She- Goat

28- Heir- Heiress

29- Bachelor- Maid; Spinster

30- Steward- Stewardess

31- Peer- Peeress

32- Shepherd- Shepherdess

33- English Man- English Woman

34- Bull (Or Ox)- Cow

35- Monk- Nun

36- Bullock- Heifer

37- Giant- Giantess

38- Viscount- Viscountess

39- Boy- Girl

40- Bull- Cow

41- Maternal- Uncle- Maternal- Aunt

42- Step- Son- Step- Daughter

43- Stallion- Mare

44- Count- Countess

45- Duke- Duchess

46- Stag- Hind

47- Priest- Priestess

48- Hart- Roe

49- Actor- Actress

50- Son- In- Law- Daughter- In- Law

51- Widow- Widower

52- Baron- Baroness

53- Waiter- Waitress

54- Sultan- Sultana

55- Songster- Songstress

56- Mayor- Mayoress

57- Husband- Wife

58- Cock- Sparrow- Hen- Sparrow

59- Abbot- Abbess

60- Jew- Jewess

61- Bull- Calf- Cow- Calf

62- King- Queen

63- Tutor- Governess

64- Son- Daughter

65- Poet- Poetess

66- Patron- Patroness

67- Landlord- Landlady

68- Wizard- Witch

69- Brother- Sister

70- Dog- Bitch

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