Masculine and Feminine for Class 5 | Grade 5

Masculine and Feminine for Class 5! As students in Class 5 begin to learn about grammar, they will also need to be able to identify masculine and feminine nouns. This can be a difficult concept for some students, so providing them with a list of masculine and feminine names can be helpful.

Some common masculine names include: boy, man, father, uncle, grandfather, king, and Mr. Some common feminine names include: girl, woman, mother, aunt, grandmotherm queen, and Mrs.

When teaching your students about masculine and feminine nouns, be sure to provide plenty of examples so that they can better understand the concept. By the end of Class 5, your students should be able to identify most masculine and feminine nouns.

Masculine and Feminine for Class 5

Masculine and Feminine for Class 5

  1. Abbot- Abbess
  2. Lord- Lady
  3. Manservant- Maidservant
  4. Poet- Poetess
  5. Peer- Peeress
  6. Waiter- Waitress
  7. Grandfather- Grandmother
  8. Viscount- Viscountess
  9. Shepherd- Shepherdess
  10. Enchanter- Enchantress
  11. Step- Son- Step- Daughter
  12. Milkman- Milkmaid
  13. Horse- Mare
  14. Sir- Madam
  15. Father- Mother
  16. Sultan- Sultana
  17. King- Queen
  18. Maternal- Uncle- Maternal- Aunt
  19. Bull (Or Ox)- Cow
  20. Patron- Patroness
  21. Monk- Nun
  22. Tempter- Temptress
  23. Manager- Manageress
  24. Brother- Sister
  25. Master- Mistress
  26. Songster- Songstress
  27. Count- Countess
  28. Heir- Heiress
  29. Man- Woman
  30. Benefactor- Benefactress
  31. Traitor- Traitress
  32. Giant- Giantess
  33. Drone- Bee
  34. Hostess- Steward
  35. Boy- Girl
  36. Landlord- Landlady
  37. He- Goat- She- Goat
  38. Sales Man- Sales Girl
  39. Signor- Signora



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