Masculine and Feminine for Class 6 | Grade 6

Masculine and Feminine for Class 6! When it comes to naming children, many parents want to choose a name that will reflect the child’s gender. For boys, there are traditionally masculine names like John or Benjamin. For girls, there are typically feminine names like Mary or Elizabeth. But what about when you have a child who is transitioning from one gender to the other?

In Class 6, we have two students who are transgender. One is named John but goes by the name Jaden, and the other is named Mary but goes by the name Max. Both Jaden and Max have chosen new names that reflect their true genders.

Jaden says that he chose his new name because it sounded “cool.” He says that he likes how it sounds with his last name and that it makes him feel more like himself. Max says that she chose her new name because it was the opposite of her old one.

Masculine and Feminine for Class 6

Masculine and Feminine for Class 6

  1. Cock- Sparrow- Hen- Sparrow
  2. Mayor- Mayoress
  3. Actor- Actress
  4. Host- Hostess
  5. Son- In- Law- Daughter- In- Law
  6. Husband- Wife
  7. Lion- Lioness
  8. Baron- Baroness
  9. Cock- Hen
  10. Hero- Heroine
  11. Tiger- Tigress
  12. Brother- In- Law- Sister- In- Law
  13. Author- Authoress
  14. Nephew- Niece
  15. He- Mule- She- Mule
  16. Bull- Calf- Cow- Calf
  17. Jew- Jewess
  18. Gander- Goose
  19. Gentleman- Lady
  20. Stallion- Mare
  21. Bullock- Heifer
  22. Widow- Widower
  23. Dog- Bitch
  24. Wizard- Witch
  25. English Man- English Woman
  26. Prophet- Prophetess
  27. Tutor- Governess
  28. Priest- Priestess
  29. Czar- Czarina
  30. Steward- Stewardess
  31. Hart- Roe
  32. Bull- Cow
  33. Duke- Duchess
  34. Stag- Hind
  35. Drake- Duck
  36. Emperor- Empress
  37. Colt- Filly
  38. Uncle- Aunt
  39. Son- Daughter
  40. Peacock- Peahen
  41. Hunter- Huntress
  42. Bachelor- Maid; Spinster

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