Masculine and Feminine for Class 8 | Grade 8

Masculine and Feminine for Class 8! Gender is not a binary. There are more than two genders, and even within those genders there is variation. This lesson will explore the concepts of masculine and feminine, and how they are used in different cultures.

In many Western cultures, there is a clear divide between what is considered masculine and what is considered feminine. Men are expected to be strong, stoic, and unemotional, while women are expected to be gentle, nurturing, and emotional. These gender roles are social constructs that have been created over time, and they vary from culture to culture.

There is no one right way to be masculine or feminine. Each person gets to choose how they express their gender. Some people may identify as both masculine and feminine, or neither masculine nor feminine. There is no wrong way to be genderqueer.

Masculine and Feminine for Class 8

Masculine and Feminine for Class 8

Actor Actress
Patron Patroness
Father Mother
He-Mule She-Mule
Hostess Steward
Enchanter Enchantress
Waiter Waitress
Colt Filly
Wizard Witch
Author Authoress
Tempter Temptress
Brother Sister
Bull-Calf Cow-Calf
Maternal-Uncle Maternal-Aunt
Gander Goose
Horse Mare
Boy Girl
Tiger Tigress
Drone Bee
Jew Jewess
Son-In-Law Daughter-In-Law
Songster Songstress
Shepherd Shepherdess
Sir Madam
Landlord Landlady
Milkman Milkmaid
Grandfather Grandmother
Prophet Prophetess
Emperor Empress
Duke Duchess
Bullock Heifer
Bull (Or Ox) Cow
Son Daughter
Stallion Mare
Steward Stewardess
Gentleman Lady
Peacock Peahen
Tutor Governess
Giant Giantess
Bull Cow
Man Woman
Mayor Mayoress
Benefactor Benefactress
English Man English Woman
Czar Czarina
Cock-Sparrow Hen-Sparrow
Priest Priestess
Lord Lady
Lion Lioness
Husband Wife
Abbot Abbess
Brother-In-Law Sister-In-Law
Signor Signora
Sales Man Sales Girl
Manservant Maidservant
Step-Son Step-Daughter
Peer Peeress
Heir Heiress
Widow Widower
Hero Heroine
Dog Bitch
Baron Baroness
Uncle Aunt
Nephew Niece
Manager Manageress
Sultan Sultana
Cock Hen


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